Can Extreme Heat Affect an Asphalt Sealcoating Application?

Can Extreme Heat Affect an Asphalt Sealcoating Application?, austin sealcoatingGenerally, the weather conditions in central Texas offer an excellent opportunity for asphalt sealcoating. Sealants need warm temperatures and lots of sunshine to dry and cure properly. Asphalt sealcoating should not be applied when temperatures are below 50 degrees and expected to fall during the next 24 hours. For a sealcoating application, extreme heat is when temperatures are above 90 degrees. Ambient and pavement temperatures in excess of 90 degrees create conditions that sealant manufacturers consider detrimental to a successful application. However, the best asphalt sealcoating contractors in Central Texas know how to successfully apply sealants in hot weather without sacrificing the quality of their work.

How Does Extreme Heat Affect an Asphalt Sealcoating Application?

When applying a sealant in hot weather, contractors must take precautions to avoid flash drying. Flash drying is when the sealcoating material dries almost immediately when it comes into contact with extremely hot asphalt pavement. Flash drying will prevent the liquid sealcoating from properly adhering to the pavement. To eliminate the possibility of flash drying, sealcoating contractors may reduce the surface temperature of the asphalt pavement by spraying a light mist of water onto it before they apply the sealant. Two thin coats of sealant instead of one thick coat will allow the first coat to act as a primer to ensure proper adhesion and curing. There are also additives and adjustments to the mix that an experienced contractor may use to compensate for the extreme heat.

The drying and curing process must proceed according to the sealant manufacturer’s recommendations. All water must evaporate from the sealant at the designated rate from top to bottom. Improper drying and curing can reduce the longevity of the sealant, which could fail immediately or at any point after the application.

High humidity often accompanies extreme heat and affects the proper drying and curing process. Humidity slows evaporation, but a slight breeze will accelerate the drying process. Therefore, contractors must consider wind speeds and humidity levels when deciding whether it is too hot to apply a sealant.

Sealcoating can be hot work. Persons performing asphalt sealcoating in extremely hot weather should take additional precautions. Heat exhaustion can affect alertness, and this could lead to mistakes that could compromise the integrity of the sealcoating job. Wide-brimmed hats, long sleeves, long pants, and other types of protective attire can help protect workers from the direct rays of the sun. Workers need to stay hydrated and take frequent breaks in an air-conditioned or shaded area.

Maintaining your sealcoating should be part of the preventive maintenance for your parking lot or other asphalt pavement. Parking lot maintenance should also include removing oil and chemical spills as quickly as possible, keeping the pavement clean, repairing cracks as soon as they develop, and making sure that catch basin, storm drains and gutters are not clogged. Keeping the asphalt pavement well-maintained can allow you to schedule your asphalt sealing during optimum weather conditions.

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