How to Make Your Asphalt Parking Lot Safe

How to Make Your Asphalt Parking Lot Safe, austin paving Whether the people using your parking lot are your employees, tenants, customers, or vendors, they all expect you to provide them with a safe environment. They assume that their vehicles will not be damaged while driving through your lot. They hope that they will not be injured while walking between their vehicles and your building. They expect that their parked vehicles will not receive dents or scratches from neighboring cars. They expect that the asphalt company you hired to build your parking lot had the knowledge to ensure proper drainage, design an orderly traffic flow pattern, and incorporate elements to protect pedestrians as well as drivers. If you are suspicious that your parking lot is not as safe as it should be, the following tips can help you remedy any issues you identify.

How to Make Your Asphalt Parking Lot Safe

What Are the Essential Elements of a Safe Parking Lot?

You can mitigate or eliminate many safety issues by being proactive about your asphalt paving maintenance and repairs. However, there are also enhancements you can make that will contribute to parking lot safety.

• Crack Repair: Cracks can cause pedestrians to trip and fall, potentially resulting in an injury. However, open cracks allow water to infiltrate to the pavement’s base layers and erode them. Sinkholes develop over areas of base erosion. Water collects in these sinkholes, increasing the risk that vehicles could skid or hydroplane. Furthermore, the sinkholes can quickly turn into potholes that can damage vehicles and injure pedestrians.
• Sealcoating: Sealcoating Austin TX parking lots is an essential part of asphalt maintenance. It protects the pavement from premature deterioration by blocking UV rays and slowing down the damage caused by automotive fluids. Parking lot sealcoat will also enhance traction for both pedestrians and vehicles.
• Striping and Marking: Well-defined parking stalls and carefully planned pavement markings cannot guarantee that every driver will park properly or that no one will ever drive the wrong way down a traffic aisle. However, if you do not have visible, neat markings and stripes, you cannot expect drivers to accurately determine how they are to navigate your lot or what constitutes a parking space.
• Eliminate Blind Spots: When approaching the end of a traffic aisle, drivers and pedestrians need an unobstructed view of the cross traffic. Make sure that hedges, temporary signs, improperly parked vehicles, trash receptacles, and other items do not create blind spots.
• Miscellaneous Repairs: When it comes to asphalt repair, Austin property owners often need a variety of procedures. Potholes may require patching, and drainage issues may require asphalt milling or the installation of additional catch basins, or areas of alligatored asphalt may require removal and replacement.
• Other Enhancements: Carefully chosen and adequately installed parking lot signs can improve safety, but you should have your contractor maintain them to ensure that they are secure and visible at all times. Parking lot lighting can help protect pedestrians from falls resulting from tripping over an unseen obstacle. Still, proper lighting also helps reduce potential criminal activities, including the theft of vehicles or items within them. Video surveillance can deter criminal activity, but it can also serve as evidence when determining the issue of fault if an accident occurs, which could help protect you as well as the innocent party.

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