How to Select a Municipal Paving Contractor

How to Select a Municipal Paving Contractor, asphalt paving austin txThe paved thoroughfares in your city or town can have a dramatic impact on those who live, work or shop in your municipality. Poor drainage can lead to annoying and potentially hazardous areas of standing water. Potholes can pose a threat to vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists. A pavement that deteriorates prematurely can require total reconstruction that may leave taxpayers indignant and your leaders scrambling to revise the budget to find funds for the unexpected expense. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that the paving contractor you select for your municipal project will provide you with quality work. If your job duties including the collection and review of bids from asphalt contractors, though, you may have questions about how to select the right asphalt paving contractor for the job. If so, finding the answers to the following questions may help.

How to Select a Municipal Paving Contractor

What Is the Paving Contractor’s Level of Experience?

Municipal paving projects are frequently large in scope. Contractors must typically perform the work in phases, and this requires careful planning and effective project management to ensure that work is completed on time and without cost overruns. If the contractor’s experience is limited to simple, small-scale projects that required only one or two days to complete, he may not know how to manage a large job. Look for a contractor with experience in the execution of large-scale projects.

What Does the Contractor’s Bid Cover?

Most municipalities collect bids from multiple asphalt paving contractors before making a selection. It is highly likely that the total of these bids will vary widely. Before you decide to accept the lowest total bid simply, make sure that you understand what the bid covers. Examine each line item to ensure that the bid matches your specifications, then compare the different bids to make sure that you are comparing oranges to oranges. For example, one contractor may offer asphalt recycling at no additional charge, but another contractor may add a fee for hauling away the old pavement.

Is the Asphalt Paving Contractor Properly Insured?

Many unscrupulous asphalt paving contractors reduce their overhead expenses by not carrying insurance. This may allow them to submit a lower bid, but it leaves their customers with little or no protection. At the minimum, the contractor should cover all of his employees with a workers’ compensation policy. He should also carry a general liability policy with a limit of at least $500,000 and commercial vehicle insurance. An umbrella policy is highly desirable. Furthermore, the contractor should be able to provide you with proof of valid coverage.

Does the Contractor Own the Necessary Equipment?

Asphalt paving equipment can be costly, so contractors tend to make sure that the equipment they own receives proper maintenance. If the contractor must borrow or rent equipment, your project could suffer delays. The equipment may not be available when the time comes, or the equipment could be so poorly maintained that it breaks down frequently.

Is the Contractor Candid About Alternatives?

There are times when municipal leaders know that their pavement needs work, but they are not sure of the details. For example, they may assume that a cracked pavement will need a total reconstruction, but an experienced contractor might realize that asphalt resurfacing is a viable solution that can save the municipality a great deal of money. On the other hand, the leaders might solicit bids to fill or seal areas that are suffering from alligator cracking, but the contractor might realize that the underlying foundation is severely eroded, making crack repairs a temporary measure that will not solve the problem. A credible paving contractor will look at what is in the client’s best interests when making recommendations.

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