Know Your ADA Parking Lot Violations?

Know Your ADA Parking Lot Violations?, paving contractor austin tx The Americans with Disabilities Act is a comprehensive package of laws addressing a variety of issues related to the rights of those having a mental or physical disability. One section of the ADA is devoted to ensuring that the disabled can have equal and full access to any facility that offers accommodations, goods or services to the public. Hotels, restaurants, stores, banks, entertainment venues, educational facilities, care providers and recreational facilities are just some of the types of businesses covered by the ADA. Failure to comply with the ADA can result in hefty fines or lawsuits. The regulations that apply to parking lots are extensive, but there are several areas in which violations are commonly found.

Know Your ADA Parking Lot Violations? – Parking Spaces

Accessible stalls as well as the access aisles adjacent to them must not have slopes greater than 2.08 percent in any direction. Every parking lot must have at least one parking space that complies with the guidelines for van accessibility; for larger lots, the regulations state that one out of every eight accessible spaces must provide van access. All accessible spaces must be at least 96 inches in width, excluding the access aisles. The minimum size for access aisles is 60 inches for car-accessible spaces and 96 inches for van-accessible spaces. Accessible spaces must meet the guidelines for signage and pavement markings, and they are to be located as close as possible to the nearest accessible entrance to the building. The number of accessible spaces required depends on the total spaces provided in the lot. For example, if the lot has 75 total spaces, it must have at least one van-accessible space and two car-accessible spaces. If the lot has 500 spaces, there must be at least two van-accessible spaces and seven car-accessible spaces.

Know Your ADA Parking Lot Violations? – Access Route

The access route refers to the path between the access aisles of accessible parking spaces and the building’s accessible entrance. A minimum of one accessible route is required, and it is to be as direct a path as possible. Access routes must be at least 36 inches wide and free from obstructions, including shrubbery, other vehicles and low-hanging objects. If the access path crosses a curb, an ADA-compliant curb ramp must be present. The slope of the access route cannot exceed 1:12. The ADA does not specify that the access route must be marked, but pavement markings can make it easier for people to identify the appropriate path to follow.

Know Your ADA Parking Lot Violations? – Sidewalks

If there is a sidewalk between the parking lot and the accessible entrance, the access route will inevitably cross it. Therefore, the sidewalk incorporated into the access route must comply with the requirements for slope specified for the access route. ADA-compliant curb ramps must also be present. There should be no obstructions present in this area, including trash receptacles, bike racks and merchandise displays.

Know Your ADA Parking Lot Violations? – Achieving Compliance

Ensuring that your parking lot complies with the ADA can sometimes seem overwhelming, but most issues can be addressed economically and quickly. Often, reconfiguring some of your parking spaces by repainting the stripes can solve many potential violations. However, because the issue of compliance is rather complex, you should always consult a contractor with a complete understanding of the ADA regulations.

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