La Frontera Village Reconstruction

Covering about 330 acres, La Frontera combines over a million square feet of retail space, office buildings offering hundreds of thousands of square feet of space, a major hotel, and three multifamily complexes. The retail center, La Frontera Village Reconstruction, was part of the first phase of development, so its parking lot dates to around 1998. This parking lot is in an area that is notorious for bad subgrade that consists of clay. Clay expands and frequently contracts, causing the pavement to settle, crack, and develop low spots in which water pooled. The condition of the parking lot was so bad that they had a tripping incident that resulted in an injury. Sansone Group, the property management firm representing La Frontera Village, contracted Carney Engineering to come up with the remediation plan and ECS Texas to handle the geological testing and design recommendations. Sansone Group contracted Alpha Paving and our subcontractor, Champion Site Prep, to complete this five-phase project to improve the parking lot.

Who Were the Primary Players in the La Frontera Parking Lot Project?

Sansone Group is a commercial real estate firm specializing in retail development and redevelopment, property management and brokerage services since 1957. The company manages more than 13 million square feet of various properties and has developed more than 7,000,000 square feet of industrial, office, and retail space.

Champion Site Prep specializes in site work and excavation services for commercial clients in Central Texas. Since the company’s founding in 1985, Champion has completed more than 1,500 projects. The company has partnered with Alpha Paving before, so we knew that they would perform excellent work. On the La Frontera project, Champion handled the heavy excavation, grade corrections, base and lime stabilization in the rehabilitated areas.

What Was the Scope of the La Frontera Project?

Because it was necessary to complete the project in phases, we performed the work between July 2018 and February 2019. A very wet winter affected the timeline, and the client requested that we pause for six weeks to avoid inconveniencing holiday shoppers.

The project included asphalt reconstruction, milling, overlay, corrections to the elevation of concrete curbs, pavement striping and the installation of ADA-mandated signs. The three rehabilitation areas each required a 30-inch excavation and 18 inches of lime-stabilized subgrade. Depending on whether the area was light-duty or moderate-duty, the installed base was up to 10 inches and the asphalt up to three inches in depth. Each of the rehab areas had concrete curbs that had settled, creating drainage issues. We removed a total of 475 linear feet of concrete curbing and replaced it at the correct elevations.

Phase I

The first phase of the project involved rehabilitation as well as milling and overlay installation. We removed and replaced 150 linear feet of curbing as well as a concrete drainage flume. We milled 3,760 square yards of asphalt pavement to install a 2-inch overlay. There was a change order during this phase for base remediation. This resulted in 3,358 square yards of additional excavation to provide 12 inches of lime-stabilized material. We also demolished the concrete curb and gutter around the center island at the construction limits.

Phase II

The work we performed during this phase was similar to the work we performed in the previous stage. Phase II required milling and overlaying 1,730 square yards of pavement and rehabilitating 2,135 square yards.

Phase III

In this phase, we milled and overlaid 2,630 square yards and rehabilitated 1,845 square yards of pavement. We also removed 120 linear feet of concrete curbing and reinstalled at the proper elevation.

Phase IV

During this phase, we rehabilitated 1,730 square yards of pavement, and the mill and overlay consisted of 2,525 square yards. The work on the concrete curbs totaled 205 linear feet.

Phase V

In this phase, we milled 4,690 square yards of asphalt pavement and installed an overlay.

What Happened After Alpha Completed the Work?

Sansone Group and Carney Engineering were both pleased with the project. They noted the quality of our work as well as our project management, communication, and scheduling skills. We have already received two more requests for quotes from Sansone Group, and we are now their preferred paving contractor in Texas.

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