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The Genecov Group, a family owned business with its headquarters in Tyler, owns commercial real estate in a number of Texas cities. One of these properties is Lakeway Plaza, a U-shaped one- and two-story plaza in Lakeway, Texas. The fully occupied plaza is home to a variety of businesses, including retail shops, medical offices, restaurants and a pharmacy. Many of these businesses operate seven days a week and/or have extended hours, making it more challenging to maintain or repair the parking lot. However, we were able to handle an extensive project at this 40-year-old site in our usual manner, which is to say that we planned appropriately, managed the project professionally and delivered outstanding workmanship.

Lakeway Plaza | Lakeway, Texas – Our Initial Contact with Genecov Group

Approximately a year ago, Genecov Group asked for a quote on some repairs to the property’s concrete curbs. The bid, which also included some minor asphalt work, was prepared and submitted by Dirk Van Landuyt, CAPS, CPM. The customer later responded by forwarding drawings and asking for another quote covering an expanded scope of work. The project would end up involving a variety of disciplines and require approximately three months to complete.

What the Project Entailed

The customer wanted to modify the eight ADA-compliant parking spaces. We discussed whether to use asphalt or concrete to modify the spaces, and the client chose the more costly concrete due to concrete’s ability to achieve the necessary slopes and stay within code. This job was one of the first big tests for Alpha’s concrete division, which had been opened just a year or so earlier. We are happy to report that the division passed with flying colors.

We installed the necessary ADA signs, car stops, a modified parking configuration and the required stenciling and striping. This required great attention to detail to ensure that all aspects were in full compliance with the ADA without unnecessarily sacrificing parking spaces or availability.

The work called for 19 asphalt repairs, crack filling, three-phase sealcoating with Jennite AE sealant and striping. Prior to the sealcoating phase, the client issued a change order calling for additional asphalt repairs. This was soon followed by a second change order to modify some walkways.

Throughout the job, we had to remain flexible and work closely with site management. The goal was to minimize the disruption to tenants and their customers. We met the challenge by altering our work hours, schedules and work areas to account for peak traffic times and walk-in customers, ensuring that any adverse impacts on the tenants’ operations would be minimized.

Despite change orders and weather delays, we completed every phase on time and on schedule. We were also able to find effective ways to perform the concrete work, asphalt repairs and especially the sealcoating that minimized the inconvenience to tenants without affecting the outstanding results for which Alpha Paving is known.

You Can Trust Alpha to Deliver

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