Lamar Overlay | Austin, TX


Lamar Overlay | Austin, TX

Lamar Overlay | Austin, TX, paving in Austin, TXProject Description from COA website: As part of the City of Austin’s Vision Zero Program, the Austin Transportation Department (ATD) began constructing long-term safety improvements at and near the intersection of North Lamar Boulevard and Rundberg Lane in January 2017. ATD anticipates completing the project, which also includes long-term safety improvements at the nearby intersection of North Lamar and Rutland Drive, in early April. 2017.

This is the third of five high-priority intersections that ATD and City Council selected for construction funding in Sept. 2015 as part of ATD’s Safety Improvement Program, which now helps carry out the City Council adopted Vision Zero Action Plan. Vision Zero is Austin’s effort to eliminate traffic deaths and serious injuries for all road users.

The goal of this project is to reduce crashes involving both pedestrians and vehicles at these intersections by installing enhanced pedestrian safety features and a new median to reduce left-turn crashes.

  • Constructing raised medians on Lamar Boulevard, between Rundberg Lane and Rutland Drive.
  • Adding high‐visibility continental crosswalks at all pedestrian crossing points in the project area.
  • Reconstructing corner pedestrian ramps at all pedestrian crossing points in the project area to ensure accessibility.

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