Making Asphalt Paving Safe

Making Asphalt Paving Safe, asphalt pavingWhen it comes to high-risk occupations, asphalt paving is one of the construction industry’s most dangerous. Workers are in close proximity to hot asphalt, complicated machinery and heavy equipment. In addition, they must often work near vehicular traffic. At Alpha Paving Industries, we believe that effective, ongoing training and a company-wide commitment to safety can make the work area safer for our employees, our customers and those who must pass by the area. We make sure that our employees are completely trained in all of the ways to complete jobs safely.

Why Alpha Paving Is Making Asphalt Paving Safe

Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment can be noisy, and operators do not always have perfect visibility. We train all employees, including equipment operators, on making asphalt paving safe.

• At the beginning of each shift, all systems and equipment must be checked to ensure proper operation.
• Repairs are not to be made without following proper lockout procedures and cannot be made until all workers are properly protected against the movement of the equipment or its components.
• If equipment operation encroaches on a public street, warning signs, barricades and/or flaggers must be present.

Paving Machines

Making asphalt paving safe means be treated as a potential hazard as it is heated before application to temperatures that can cause severe burns.

• We require all workers to wear approved personal protective equipment and high-visibility vests.
• Workers are forbidden to move between trucks that are backing up and the paving machine, and they are not to stand or work near the paving machine’s hopper during an asphalt delivery.
• All equipment must be idled down and the parking brake set before the employee steps away from the operator’s station.
• Paving machines are not to be left unattended if the screed is heating.
• Paving machines must be operated at speeds that allow ground personnel to work at a safe pace.
• Operators must signal every time that the paving machine must be moved.


Drivers can be inattentive or inebriated, or they may be unsure of how to respond when approaching a work zone.

• Schedule work for off-peak hours whenever possible.
• If traffic is heavy, use spotters and lookouts to warn crews of potential dangers, equipping personnel with two-way radios if working beyond the range of visual or vocal communications.
• Set barricades, traffic control signs and other warning devices appropriately and check them regularly during the job.
• If paving at night, reduce the speed of traffic, light all devices used for traffic control and place cones and barricades closer together also helps making asphalt paving safe.

At Alpha Paving Industries, we are committed to making asphalt paving safe. Our crews receive extensive and continuous training in a variety of safety measures. In addition, we offer ongoing training in new technologies, products and methods to ensure that our customers always receive superior results at competitive rates. We have been serving customers in the Austin and Central Texas area for more than three decades with the best in asphalt paving, repairs, pavement markings and more. You can request a free quote by submitting our online form or calling 512-677-9001.

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