Mistakes You May See From a Sealcoating Contractor

Mistakes You May See From a Sealcoating Contractor, asphalt sealcoating

An effective asphalt maintenance program that includes periodic applications of a quality sealant can dramatically extend the life and enhance the appearance of your pavement. However, the best sealants on the market will not provide many benefits if the contractor you hire to apply them is inept or dishonest. The following list outlines five signs that you might not receive the level of quality that you expect when you hire a contractor to apply fresh sealant.

Mistakes You May See From a Sealcoating Contractor

What Are Five Things Suggesting a Problem With the Asphalt Company Applying Your Sealant?

Honest mistakes can happen. Even highly experienced sealcoating contractors or their employees can sometimes make a mistake. However, reputable contractors stand behind their work, so these types of mistakes are not included here. Instead, the following list focuses on mistakes that can signify that the contractor is not being entirely truthful or is either incompetent or inexperienced.

1. The contractor offers a binding quote over the phone and sends you a contract to sign without ever visiting your site. If the contractor is basing his price on just the square footage of your pavement, the best you can expect is an extremely rough estimate. He will need to evaluate your site to arrive at an accurate price. Many factors, including the asphalt repair procedures required, the amount of the work that will need to be performed manually, and the cleanliness of the pavement, can influence the price that the contractor must charge.
2. When you request proof that the contractor has valid general liability and workers’ compensation insurance, he stalls or seems offended. One common ploy that unscrupulous contractors use to reduce their costs is to let policies lapse or not secure coverage in the first place. Although this lets them submit low bids, you could end up paying a substantial amount for damages the contractor’s crew inflicts or injuries that they suffer on your property.
3. The contractor does not have the tools and equipment necessary for your job. Professional seal coating contractors do not buy their sealant at the local home improvement store, and they do not try to seal a large parking lot with nothing more than a few hand tools.
4. Adding sand to the sealant mix makes the finished product more durable and skid-resistant. However, disreputable sealcoating contractors often tell their customers that sand is an unnecessary ingredient that will increase the price of the job. In reality, sand is remarkably inexpensive, and most contractors who avoid adding sand are trying to leave room to add excessive water. This thinner mix can cover more square feet, but the sealant will provide less protection and have a shorter life.
5. Sealants rely on the formation of a strong bond with your pavement to ensure proper protection. If the pavement is dirty or has untreated oil stains, an adequate bond cannot form. The sealant will start to peel, crack or flake in a very short time. Therefore, it is essential that your contractor thoroughly cleans the pavement before applying the sealant. Telling you that there is no need to clean your pavement is a sign that you are dealing with an inexperienced or disreputable contractor.

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