When Should A Parking Lot Be Sealcoated

When Should A Parking Lot Be Sealcoated, sealcoating austin tx

As soon as you install a new asphalt parking lot, it becomes susceptible to a variety of environmental and human factors, including moisture, weather, oil, abrasive chemicals and the degradation that any pavement sustains from traffic. Since parking lots are usually larger asphalt applications that have an expectation of constant or near constant use by vehicles, applying an asphalt sealcoating is a near necessity for protecting the asphalt from damage and reducing longitudinal maintenance costs. However, there are a variety of factors that determine the best time to sealcoat your paved lot.

When Should A Parking Lot Be Sealcoated

The first thing to consider when sealcoating asphalt is that the process works to lock in the present condition of the asphalt. To ensure that your parking lot looks its best for as long as possible, have your sealcoat applied soon after its initial installation. However, you need to wait at least 90 days after the initial installation to allow the asphalt to cure. To test your pavement to see if it’s ready for a sealcoating application, dump a gallon of clean water over it. It is ready for sealcoating if it is devoid of rainbow rings and sheets out evenly.

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