Patsy Sommer Elementary | Asphalt Sealcoating | Austin, TX

When designing a method of controlling traffic on school campuses, planners can often face challenges. However, the safety of the schoolchildren is of vital importance, so planners typically find ways to overcome any challenge. As the years pass, the emphasis shifts from planning and design to maintenance. Unless the parking lots and drive lanes receive the proper attention, the safety of children, as well as adults, may be compromised. Therefore, when the Round Rock Independent School District determined that the pavement at Patsy Sommer Elementary needed work, Alpha Paving was asked to help.

Patsy Sommer Elementary | Asphalt Sealcoating | Austin, TX

What Was the Scope of the Project at Patsy Sommer Elementary?

The project involved almost 110,000 square feet of asphalt sealcoating in the school’s parking lot and traffic lanes. We completed the work throughout two days in June 2018. The timing of the job meant that traffic control issues were virtually nonexistent.

Our first task was to apply two coats of sealant. We recommended Jennite AE sealant as it is extremely durable and lustrous. We applied approximately 2,930 gallons of sealcoating to protect the pavement as well as enhance its appearance.

After allowing the sealant to cure sufficiently, we applied the finishing touches to help make the pavement safer and more orderly. These finishing touches included fire lane paint, stencils and striping paint.

Does Alpha Handle Other Types of Work?

Alpha is a full-service paving company offering an extensive range of asphalt and concrete work. Our services include street maintenance, asphalt pavement, road construction, asphalt overlays, asphalt milling, asphalt crack repairs, concrete repairs, asphalt sealcoating, concrete installation, parking lot striping, speed bump installation, and parking lot signs. We often provide our services to counties, airports, municipalities, commercial property managers, shopping centers, educational facilities, religious institutions, hotels, retail stores, office parks, apartment complexes, HOAs, restaurants, subdivisions, industrial facilities, hospitals, entertainment venues, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and nursing homes. We have excellent references and an impeccable reputation for providing superior results at competitive prices. We would be happy to give you a free quote if you submit the online form or call our office at 512-677-9001.

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