Pavement – Fall Driving In Austin

Pavement - Fall Driving In Austin, paving asphalt austin tx In many parts of the country, the hazards of driving in the winter receive most of the attention. Although it is true that ice, sleet and snow can make driving more hazardous, in Central Texas, driving during the autumn months can also be risky. Some risks are specific to the fall season, but other hazards — while present all year — are magnified during autumn.

Pavement – Fall Driving In Austin

Watch for Deer

Deer are abundant in Central Texas, but during the fall, you may see even more of them crossing the road or congregating beside busy highways. During November, the Institute for Highway Safety notes that drivers are much more likely to hit a deer than during any other month; deer are more likely to be migrating or looking for a mate in November.

Beware Fallen Leaves

It may seem strange that piles of leaves in the gutters or on the pavement can pose a hazard when driving during the fall, but they can. First, they can conceal potholes, traffic lines and pavement markings. Second, even a little bit of rain on dead leaves can make the pavement slippery, reducing traction, increasing stopping times and making vehicles more prone to skidding.

Beware the Impact of the Time Change

Although the hours of daylight decrease throughout autumn and winter, when you “fall back” in November, darkness arrives even earlier. You may not be accustomed to making your evening commute after dark, or you may find that you are forced to run errands at night. The National Safety Council notes that half of all traffic deaths occur at night — even though nighttime driving accounts for only 25 percent of the total driving. Exercise additional caution when driving at night, especially if you are used to driving only during daylight hours.

Watch for Children

The time change also means that youngsters may be out and about after dark. They may be returning from an after-school activity, a friend’s house or a playground. Children do not always remember to look before crossing a street or before running into a street to retrieve a ball. Keep an eye out for youngsters around the time that school starts and ends as well.

Beware the Fog

Fog is common on chilly fall mornings, especially on roads that are surrounded by trees or hills. Bridges across lakes are also ideal spots for fog to accumulate. Drivers often use their high beams when driving in fog, but low beams tend to work better; high beams just reflect off the fog and increase glare. Take it slow when driving in fog and increase the distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you.

Keep Your Sunglasses Handy

Although it sounds illogical, sun glare can be greater during the autumn than in summer. As the year draws to a close, the angle of the sun changes. As it moves nearer to the horizon, it can shine directly into your eyes as well as reflect off buildings and other cars at a low angle that increases problems with glare.

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