Pavement Tips for Property Managers in 2020

Pavement Tips for Property Managers in 2020, paving round rock tx Managing a commercial property can be challenging. Diverse groups of people expect a lot from you. Tenants often clamor for your immediate attention, property owners may pressure you to increase profitability or reduce turnover, and staff members need supervision. Your days may sometimes seem too short to handle scheduling preventive maintenance and landscaping services, showing prospective tenants around the property, arranging emergency repairs, collecting rent payments, and hiring and training new employees. With so many demands on your time, you may overlook the condition of your paved areas. Unfortunately, neglecting your asphalt pavement can make your job more stressful if you must shift into emergency mode to correct a serious deficiency. Fortunately, it is not difficult to automate your paving repairs and maintenance by enlisting the help of a reputable contractor.

Pavement Tips for Property Managers in 2020

How Can Property Managers Create an Effective Plan for Their Asphalt Pavements?

The first step in creating a cost-effective pavement maintenance plan is to locate an experienced, trustworthy contractor. Find an asphalt paving company with an excellent Better Business Bureau rating, great references, and a solid reputation for quality workmanship and customer service. After you select a contractor, you can proceed with your plan.

1. Walk around your paved areas and conduct a visual inspection. If you find damaged areas, make notes about the type and severity of damage as well as the location.
2. Schedule a consultation with your chosen contractor. If possible, accompany him when he inspects your pavement so that you can discuss your concerns or ask questions.
3. Ask your contractor to help you prioritize repairs. For example, most asphalt companies consider repairing cracks in high-traffic areas more critical than repairing cracks in areas that see infrequent use.
4. Discuss your budget with your contractor. Your budget discussions should include a candid review of the funds available for the current year and a long-term plan for the future.
5. After agreeing on the scope of the work and the timing, ask your contractor to automate your program. This frees you from having to remember to schedule the work, and this can help you make sure that your pavement receives the attention it needs.

What Does a Sample Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Program Include?

Numerous variables can impact the best maintenance program for your unique pavement. However, an experienced Austin paving company would likely recommend the following services.

1. Schedule a thorough, professional inspection every spring and again in the fall. It is easier and more economical to correct minor problems before they have the opportunity to turn into a major repair.
2. Repair cracks at least once every year. Fall is the best time if you can only manage annual repairs. If possible, you should also schedule crack repairs in the spring to repair any damage from winter weather.
3. Repair potholes as soon as they develop. Potholes pose a severe threat to the integrity of your pavement, and they are also a hazard for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers. If you do not have a line item in your budget for emergency repairs, you should create one that you can use for pothole repairs and other pavement emergencies.
4. Apply sealcoating every two to five years. How often you need sealcoating will depend on factors that are specific to your pavement. Asphalt companies usually recommend sealcoating a typical parking lot every other year; walking trails and bike paths may need sealcoating less frequently.
5. As a rule, you should budget for new parking lot striping and pavement markings when you apply sealcoating.
6. Budget for asphalt resurfacing every 12 to 15 years. Another name for this procedure is an asphalt overlay. An overlay can give you a pavement that looks and lasts virtually the same as an entirely new pavement, but the costs are much less.

Alpha Paving would be happy to help you design a paving maintenance program that will match your budget and your unique requirements. We are a leading Austin paving company with commercial clients throughout Central Texas. We offer a full range of paving services, including asphalt overlays, road construction, asphalt milling, street and parking lot maintenance, sealcoating, concrete installation and repair, thermoplastic pavement markings, asphalt crack repair, and parking lot striping and pavement markings. Our clients include a number of property managers, health care facilities, religious institutions, shopping centers, educational institutions, HOAs and subdivisions, restaurants, and municipalities and counties. We take pride in delivering exceptional work at competitive prices and with the utmost professionalism. Contact us today for a free quote by completing the online form or calling 512-677-9001.

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