Pflugerville, TX

Over the last 40 years, Pflugerville has experienced remarkable growth. In 1970, fewer than 550 people lived in the town; by 2015, the estimated population had risen to more than 57,000. The rapid growth left the city, county, businesses and residential property owners scrambling to build paved surfaces to support the burgeoning population. Today, the area contains a mixture of new pavements that need preventive maintenance and aging pavements that need rejuvenation or replacement. Regardless of whether the pavement is aging concrete or new asphalt, Alpha Paving offers a full range of services to help Pflugerville residents with their pavement-related needs. Service offerings include asphalt overlays and paving, concrete sidewalks, pavement repairs, parking lot striping, ramps, road markings, sealcoating, crack repairs and parking lot signs.

Pflugerville, TX – The History

The earliest record of European settlers in the area dates to the arrival of the Pfluger family between 1849 and 1850. The town was named for Henry Pfluger when the first post office was established in 1860. However, the community saw little growth until the arrival of the railroad in 1904; by 1914, the population had reached 500, which was more than twice what it had been at the time the railroad arrived. However, the population declined to 380 by 1949 as residents relocated to larger towns to seek employment. After Pflugerville incorporated in 1965, the town began to grow again, fueled in part by the rapid growth experienced by Austin.

Pavement Services in Pflugerville

Many different pavement services are needed to keep paved surfaces looking their best and achieving their maximum service life. Following are some of the most common pavement services required in Pflugerville.

• Sealcoating: Sealcoating is an economical way to prolong the life of asphalt pavement and is typically part of an effective maintenance plan for parking lots. Sealcoating helps protect against the damaging effects of automotive fluids and UV rays. It also rejuvenates the deep, rich color that asphalt pavement has when it is new.  More about Asphalt Sealcoating
• Asphalt Paving: From the installation of new pavement to the application of an asphalt overlay on existing pavement, the expertise of the contractor has a great deal to do with the pavement’s longevity and appearance. The same is true when having a road constructed, speed bumps installed or asphalt milled.  More about Asphalt Paving and Asphalt Overlays
• Asphalt Repair: Repairing cracks in asphalt pavement is an important part of any proper maintenance plan. Cracks will continue to expand if neglected, allowing water to enter and erode the foundation. Water penetration that compromises the stability of the foundation is a leading cause of premature failure of asphalt pavement.  More about Asphalt Repair
• Concrete Services: When correctly mixed and installed, concrete can be an extremely long-lasting choice. Common uses of concrete include pavement for parking lots, sidewalks and residential driveways as well as for the construction of handicapped-accessible ramps, curbs and ADA-mandated improvements.  More about Concrete Services

Industries We Serve

At Alpha Paving, there are virtually no industries that we do not serve. We provide asphalt and concrete services to national retail chains, small local businesses, apartment complexes, hotels, homeowners’ associations, restaurants, schools, airports, manufacturers and recreational facilities as well as county, municipal, state and federal agencies.

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Alpha Paving was founded with the goal of delivering exceptional workmanship, professional project management and customer-focused services at competitive rates. An award-winning company, we have built a solid reputation among our customers as well as our peers. We offer a full range of paving services in Pflugerville, TX, including pavement installation, asphalt maintenance, and asphalt repairs. Our services include asphalt paving, parking lot striping, asphalt overlays, pavement markings, road construction, sealcoating and crack repairs. Our concrete services include ADA concrete, concrete curbing, concrete driveways, concrete ramps, concrete parking lots, and concrete sidewalks.  To learn more, call (512) 677-9001 or complete our online job quote form.

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