Potholes and Property Management

Potholes and Property Management, austin paving texasPotholes can appear in asphalt pavement as a result of faulty installation, neglected cracks, destabilized foundations or poor maintenance. Regardless of cause, potholes will continue to cause damage to the pavement until they are repaired.

What does Potholes and Property Management Mean and Why Is It Important

They are potential liabilities to the party responsible for maintaining the pavements whether they are business owners, property management firms or municipalities. Potholes can be invisible if they fill with water and/or debris; in the winter, the water may freeze and increase the risk of slips or skids. Property management firms and others who want to reduce potential liabilities should be proactive about pothole repair for all of the following reasons.

Potholes can Cause Injuries to Pedestrians

More than one pedestrian has suffered a severe ankle injury from stepping into a pothole. If the property owner and victim are both lucky, there will be little damage beyond a twisted ankle with perhaps some swelling and tenderness. However, the injury can sometimes be serious enough to lead the victim or his family to seek the services of an attorney, such as when the pothole causes a fall that results in a head injury or broken bone.

Potholes can Cause Injuries to Bicyclists

With the number of people wanting to be more physically active or to decrease their carbon footprint increasing, bicycles have become more common. Bicycles typically have narrow tires and easily damaged rims, so hitting a pothole can result in costly repairs to the bike. More importantly, bicyclists have little protection; impacting a pothole can catapult riders over the handlebars or jolt the bike into the path of a car. Motorcyclists face most of the same risks as bicyclists, and since motorcycles may be traveling at a higher rate of speed, the injuries suffered can be even more severe. For either type of rider, injuries could be as minor as a sprained wrist, but there have also been instances of spinal cord damage, brain trauma and even death that are directly attributable to potholes or cracks in asphalt pavement.

Potholes can Damage Cars

Potholes pose two types of risks for cars. First, tires can be damaged, front ends can be knocked out of alignment or parts underneath the car can be damaged. Second, the pothole could change the car’s direction of travel and send it careening into another vehicle or a tree, wall or other obstruction.

What to Do if Your Asphalt Pavement has Potholes

If there are potholes in your asphalt pavement, you should contact a reputable asphalt contractor to have them repaired. Many municipalities and property management companies in Central Texas trust Alpha Paving Industries with all of the repair and maintenance needs. We have over three decades of experience in the asphalt industry, providing a full range of asphalt pavement and repair services. Whether you need a new parking lot built, a street repaired or a driveway sealcoated, our dedicated crews have the expertise to provide superior results at competitive prices. You can request a free quote by calling 512-677-9001 or submitting the online form found on our website.

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