When Removing Parking Strips Or Markings

When Removing Parking Strips Or Markings, paving hutto txYes, asphalt contractors employ a variety of techniques to remove pavement striping and markings. Each method requires different tools and techniques, and the effects that each can have on the pavement also vary.

When Removing Parking Strips Or Markings – Your Options

Water Blasting

Water blasting should not be confused with professional pressure washing or power washing. Water blasting machines are typically truck-mounted, quite large and rather expensive. They deliver needle-fine jets of water at approximately 40,000 psi. These “needles” penetrate the pores of the paint and strip it away. Water blasting normally causes little or no damage to the asphalt, but it is highly effective for removing paint without leaving behind any “ghost lines” or grooves.


Scarifying is a practice that has been commonly used for many years to remove markings on roads. If a restripe has taken place for many times – scarifying may be the answer.  The process uses a rotating cutter wheel to “scarify” the pavement and remove the paint. The scarified asphalt will have a finish that is often likened to the marks left in sand after using a leaf rake. Therefore, this method is not ideal for areas that demand a perfect, aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Sand Blasting

Fine sand is a very abrasive substance, and when delivered under pressure, it can remove paint from virtually any surface, including asphalt. Sand blasting is often an economical way to remove asphalt striping and pavement markings, but in some municipalities, the clean-up and disposal requirements may offset the potential savings of sand blasting over other methods. Asphalt that has been sand-blasted will show marks from the procedure, but these normally disappear in time.

Wire Brushes

If there is a minimal amount of paint that needs to be removed, a wire brush and a little elbow grease may be all that is required. Time-consuming and labor-intensive, this method is not recommended for large areas, such as an entire parking lot. However, it can be effective for correcting small mishaps, such as when a pedestrian tracks wet paint onto otherwise pristine asphalt.

Paint Solvents

Many solvents can damage asphalt, so they should only be used by a professional. They are not ideal for large areas, and some jurisdictions have strict guidelines for their use as they can be “environmentally unfriendly.”

Blackout Paint

Blackout paint is simply paint that is close in color to the surrounding asphalt. The old markings are “blacked out” by painting over them. It is not the best-looking solution to old pavement markings, and it is not permanent — the blackout paint will need to be reapplied periodically to prevent the old markings from becoming visible again.

When Removing Parking Strips Or Markings – In Conclusion

Old pavement markings can be removed, but the exact method needs to be determined by an asphalt professional. The condition of the asphalt, local codes and the desired appearance after removal must all be evaluated when considering a removal method.  Knowing how many handicaps parking spaces are required is essential.

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