Republic Square Shopping Center | Georgetown, TX

At Alpha Paving, we always endeavor to deliver work that is of exceptionally high quality, so we find it particularly gratifying when customers ask us to handle additional projects. This was the case with the Weitzman Group, a property management firm specializing in commercial properties in the major Texas metropolitan areas. The job involved work on the parking lot of the Republic Square Shopping Center in Georgetown, TX.

Republic Square Shopping Center | Georgetown, TX

What Is the Republic Square Shopping Center?

Since its construction in 1974, Republic Square Shopping Center has been home to national and local retailers and restaurants. Current tenants include CVS Pharmacy, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Dollar Tree, and Pizza Hut. The shopping center, which is situated at the corner of Williams Avenue and Interstate 35, provides more than 115,000 square feet of space and has parking for almost 850 vehicles.

What Work Did Alpha Paving Provide for the Republic Square Shopping Center?

The work was part of the annual maintenance program for the shopping center. The goal of the program is to ensure both the longevity and appearance of the parking lot. Since it was essential to minimize the inconvenience to tenants and their customers, we were careful to plan accordingly. We produced a map that showed the locations of the work to facilitate communication with tenants as well as property management. We also began work at around 4 a.m. to minimize disruptions to customers and employees of the shopping center’s tenants.

1. All work was completed in two days.
2. On the first day, we repaired 10 areas of asphalt pavement. The repairs varied in depth from two inches to four inches. Timely repairs are critical to the longevity of asphalt pavement as they prevent the infiltration of water that can erode the pavement’s foundation.
3. On the second day, we restriped the parking lot. Clear, visible parking lot markings enhance safety as well as a property’s curb appeal.
4. As is customary for us, we finished on time and within budget, leaving behind another satisfied repeat customer.

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