Residential Driveway | Lu Lambert | Burnet, Texas.

At Alpha Paving, our clients are an extremely diverse group who represent many different industries. One of the most enjoyable parts is meeting so many friendly, pleasant people who need our pavement-related services. On some jobs, we find our clients to be so amiable that our tasks seem much less like work. This was certainly the case when Lu Lambert contacted us for assistance with the residential driveway on his acreage property in Burnet, Texas.

What Work Did Lu Lambert Ask Alpha Paving to Perform?

The large property had an existing asphalt driveway that had developed ruts and other problems. After carefully assessing the pavement, we performed four-inch full-depth asphalt repairs on a few areas of rutted pavement. We then installed a two-inch asphalt overlay on top of the existing pavement and road base. The work required 110 tons of Type D asphalt to install an asphalt overlay that measured approximately 7,360 square feet and 770 square feet of full-depth repairs. We completed the work in January 2021. Our crews always delivered the performance, professionalism, and high-quality results for which Alpha is widely known.

What Were the Results?

Lu described the process as a pleasure to watch, and our crew received periodic rounds of applause from our client. Lu has already contracted Alpha to return and sealcoat his driveway this summer. He has stated that he will be recommending us to any of his neighbors who need paving services.

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