Residential Paving | Austin, TX

Curb appeal is always an asset, but when getting a home ready to sell, it can increase the possibility of a fast sale at an acceptable price. One couple in Austin realized they needed to address the poor condition of their drive as part of their preparations to place their home on the market. Approximately four years ago, Alpha Paving installed an asphalt overlay on a neighbor’s drive. Impressed by the work we performed for their neighbors, the couple requested a proposal from us. We tendered a quote, and the homeowners accepted.

Residential Paving | Austin, TX

How Did the Homeowners Prepare for the Work?

The home is situated on a one-acre lot. During the 21 years that the couple lived in the house, they had attempted a number of do-it-yourself patches on the drive. However, the condition proved asphalt overlay was the best solution. The customers were flexible on the timing of the work, so when we had a quick opening, they were willing and able to complete the tasks for which they were responsible. These tasks including removing a variety of plants and building materials, cutting some limbs and shoveling years of dirt and rock. The timeline was short; they signed the contract on a Wednesday, and on Friday, we informed them the work could be completed on Monday. They agreed and got busy preparing for our arrival.

How Did Alpha Paving Handle the Work?

We arrived at 7:30 Monday morning with a crew of five and our equipment. Our first task was to clean the existing pavement so that the binder would ensure that the new asphalt adhered properly to the old pavement. We then proceeded to install an overlay that was 1.5 inches in depth.

The couple was so excited to begin that they provided chips and dip as well as a cooler of drinks for the asphalt team. Breakfast tacos followed this at midday. As the homeowners watched from their patio, they commented that it was a treat to watch how the team worked together and operated the heavy equipment along a tight, narrow drive. Our crew finished the work by 3 p.m.

The following day, Dirk returned to walk the site. The homeowners were already asking for the invoice — a sign that they were pleased with our work. We discussed sealcoating for their new drive, and that job is now tentatively scheduled for the spring.

While he was there, Dirk viewed another driveway a few doors down. The neighbor had asked three other contractors to come out and provide a quote for asphalt replacement. Dirk was happy to prepare and submit a proposal for the work.

Can You Tell Me More About Alpha Paving?

Alpha Paving offers a full range of paving services, including road construction, asphalt overlays, asphalt paving, concrete installation, street maintenance, asphalt sealcoating, parking lot maintenance, asphalt and concrete repairs, speed bump installations, and parking lot striping. Our satisfied customers include numerous retailers, municipalities and counties, religious institutions, health care facilities, subdivisions, airports, educational institutions, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, office parks, homeowners associations, and commercial property managers. We are highly regarded for our superior craftsmanship, our professional customer service, and our dependability. If you would like to discuss your paving needs or request a free quote, call 512-677-9001 or fill out the online form.


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