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The call came from a contractor who was performing extensive work on both the interior and exterior of a home in Austin. The home was being renovated for a family planning to relocate from Houston. One striking feature of the property was a hillside driveway that was 428 feet long and 12 feet wide. There was only one way to enter and exit the driveway.

Initially, the job called for an asphalt overlay to be installed on the existing driveway. The overlay would be an inch and a half thick and cover just over 5,100 square feet. However, the homeowners decided that they would also like to enlarge the parking area in front of the garage. This required an additional 2,460 square feet of asphalt pavement installed to a depth of three inches.

Residential Sealcoating & Paving | Austin, TX | How We Handled the Work

We arrived at the site early with 15 crew members. We began by the house and worked our way down to the road. With no room for our equipment on either side of the driveway, we had to coordinate the work very carefully. The work was also complicated by new curbs that had been installed on both sides of the driveway. Workers had to exercise extreme caution to avoid tracking or spilling hot asphalt on these new curbs.

Thanks to careful planning, a highly skilled crew and meticulous project management, we were able to complete the job in a single day. The homeowner was so pleased with the work that we did and the driveway’s new look that we received a call from the contractor a few months later to return and apply two coats of sealant so that they could preserve their investment in asphalt paving. This was another tricky operation in a very tight location, but that is another story — which also ended with superior results and a very satisfied customer.

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