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What Factors Must Contractors Consider When Sealcoating in the Spring?

Sealcoating & Asphalt Repair- Georgetown is known for its historical district and the numerous examples of Victorian architecture located in the city. However, even the best maintenance program cannot make an asphalt parking lot age as gracefully as the homes and commercial buildings in Georgetown that are now more than 100 years old. When the parking lot at the Hobby Lobby store needed to be rejuvenated, Alpha Paving was chosen to handle the job.

Sealcoating & Asphalt Repair | Hobby Lobby

About Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby is a magnet for artists and crafters who need supplies for their creative endeavors. The stores also offer hobby supplies, custom picture framing, party supplies, home accents and many other products.

The company can trace its founding to a $600 loan taken out by Barbara and David Green in 1970. The couple began a home business making miniature frames, but within two years, they were able to open a small store in Oklahoma City. Today, Hobby Lobby operates more than 800 stores in 47 states and employees more than 30,000 people.

The Hobby Lobby store in Georgetown is managed by V G Pacific Equities, a privately held company based in Los Angeles. V G Pacific Equities contracted Alpha Paving to handle the Hobby Lobby project.

About the Project

The parking lot at Hobby Lobby was relatively sound, but it required some asphalt repairs and some cracks filled. The pavement had faded considerably from exposure to harsh sunlight, and the stripes and pavement markings were also worn and faded.

In the first phase of the project, we repaired the pavement in three areas comprising approximately 515 square feet of asphalt. This required 12 tons of Type D asphalt; Type D is a hot-mix asphalt that is categorized as dense-graded. This type of mix is a cost-effective, general-purpose mixture that has been used successfully by the Texas Department of Transportation for more than 50 years. We completed the repairs on March 13, 2018.

The rest of the project was completed between April 3 and April 4. We applied 1,250 linear feet of rubberized hot crack filler; this type of fill material is suitable for repairing cracks of any width or length, does an excellent job of preventing water penetration, is quite long-lasting and has an attractive appearance.

The next step was to apply the sealcoating. We chose Jennite AE Seal Coat, a premium sealant specifically formulated for parking lots, driveways and airports. It is an advanced formula that is extremely durable and environmentally friendly. The project required 1,600 gallons of sealcoating.

After applying the sealant, we applied fresh pavement markings and striping. We made sure that the parking lot complied with the ADA regulations for accessibility. The lustrous black finish obtained from the sealant provided the contrast to enhance the aesthetics and visibility of the markings.

About Alpha Paving

Alpha Paving is a full-service, award-winning paving company providing exceptional work to customers in Central Texas. We are known for our customer-centered focus, outstanding professionalism, superb workmanship and conscientious project management. We frequently handle projects for municipalities and counties, shopping malls, airports, apartment complexes, subdivisions, hospitals, retailers, property management firms, educational institutions, restaurants, hotels, HOAs and office parks. Our services include road construction, asphalt paving, asphalt overlays, concrete installation, street maintenance, parking lot striping and pavement markings, asphalt sealcoating, milling, asphalt repairs, speed bump installation, concrete repairs and parking lot signs. To request a free quote, call 512-677-9001 or fill out the online form.

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