Sealcoating & Crack Repair | Dripping Springs, TX

L2 Aviation Consulting Services in Dripping Springs, Texas, helps clients integrate new technologies with existing systems to provide mandatory and optional upgrades to commercial aircraft. When L2 needed work performed on the company’s parking lot, they wanted a contractor who would provide them with the same level of excellence that they provide their own customers. They chose Alpha Paving, an award-winning company with an exceptional reputation for professionalism and quality workmanship.

The Scope of the Job

The parking lot was in relatively good condition, but it needed to be maintained to ensure it reached its full life expectancy and looked its best.

• We applied two coats of Jennite AE Premium Seal Coat on 45,087 square feet of asphalt pavement in the parking lot. Sealcoating has two primary functions: protect and beautify. Sealcoating protects against forces that can cause asphalt pavement to deteriorate prematurely, including automotive fluids and UV rays. It also brings back the dark, rich color that asphalt pavement has when it is new.
• We filled 750 linear feet of cracks, using rubberized asphalt crack fill material. If left open, cracks allow water to reach the foundation upon which the pavement relies for its flexibility and strength. Water erodes the foundation and destabilizes it, making it impossible for the pavement to bear the weight of traffic without cracking or subsiding. We chose rubberized crack fill material due to its ability to expand and contract with the pavement, which reduces the chance that the fill will break or separate from the surrounding pavement.
• We restriped all of the pavement markings. Freshly striped parking lots are more attractive, but they are also safer. When pavement markings are highly visible, drivers face fewer distractions and less confusion. This reduces the risk of “fender benders” while simultaneously making the area safer for those walking to and from their cars.

Who We Are

Alpha Paving offers a full range of asphalt and concrete services to customers in a wide range of industries. Our customers include municipalities and county agencies, hotels, shopping malls, airports, restaurants, health care facilities, apartment complexes, subdivisions, office complexes, schools and retail stores. We are the industry leader in Texas for gallons of sealcoating applied annually and apply more gallons of airport sealcoating than any other contractor in the state. We earned the highest score on the contractor evaluation conducted by the municipality of San Marcos, and we routinely provide our services to many of the area’s highest-profile commercial clients as well as numerous national retail chains.

Alpha Paving services include asphalt paving and repairs, sealcoating, road construction, pavement markings and parking lot striping, concrete repairs, parking lot car stops, speed bumps and parking lot signs. Whether you need to make your parking lot ADA-compliant or have a runway repaired, you can count on Alpha Paving for quality work at competitive rates. Our crews are committed to delivering exceptional results and superior customer service in a professional, safe manner. If you would like to request a free estimate, you can call (512) 677-9001 or complete our online job request form.


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