Sealcoating In The Winter

Sealcoating In The Winter, sealcoating austin txSealcoating in the winter can be a problem, but in Austin TX, it is sometimes possible. However, there are several conditions that have to be met if the job is to be successful.

• Work cannot be started unless the temperature is at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit and rising. In other words, the temperature must be above that mark for the duration of the application and curing process. This applies to both air and ground temperatures, so even if one of these temperatures is above 50 degrees, it may be impossible to sealcoat if the other temperature is lower than that point.
• It is extremely unlikely that two coats can be applied on the same day as the effective workday is shorter. Therefore, the area will usually need to be closed for two consecutive days to apply the sealcoating, meaning that the weather conditions must be favorable on both days.
• Due to the angle of the sun, curing time can be longer in the winter, especially if the area is shaded or on the north side of a building. This can result in longer periods that your area must remain closed.
• Rain or even dew can ruin a sealcoating job, so the overnight temperatures, humidity levels and weather forecast must be conducive to sealcoating.

Sealcoating can be a temperamental product. Although there are certain additives that can sometimes be used when conditions are outside acceptable ranges, not even additives can help in all situations. Therefore, while it may be possible to apply sealcoating in the winter, it is not always advisable. A better approach might be to just make sure that you have all of your potholes and cracks repaired before cold weather arrives and postpone asphalt sealer until the spring.

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