Is Sealcoating At Night A Good Idea?

Is Sealcoating At Night A Good Idea? sealcoating round rock txAsphalt contractors understand that many businesses are loathe to close their parking lots while sealcoating is applied. Sometimes, it is possible to perform sealcoating at night, but it is rarely a good idea.

• Sealcoating at night requires the use of various additives, but even with the additives, obtaining the desired results may be impossible.
• Sealcoating needs sunlight to cure properly, so even if the actual sealcoating can be done overnight, the area will still need to remain closed for several hours the following day.
• Sealcoating at night can void the manufacturer’s warranty.
• If overnight temperatures drop too much or excessive dew occurs, the sealcoating could be ruined.
• Tests have shown that sealcoating applied at night wears out as much as three times faster.

Thus, most reputable contractors recommend sealcoating during daylight hours to ensure that the sealant has the life expectancy that it should and looks its best. However, asphalt professionals are among the most flexible contractors when it comes to meeting their customers’ needs. Alternatives to nighttime sealcoating include:

• Sealcoating on weekends or holidays when your business is closed.
• Dividing large parking lots into sections that can be closed and sealcoated separately so that only a portion of the lot is closed at any given time.
• Performing prep work, such as crack repairs or pressure washing to remove pavement markings, at night so that the sealcoating work can begin immediately the following morning.
• Applying sealcoating during the day but using additives to accelerate the curing time.

Therefore, although it may be possible to apply sealcoating at night, it is never a good idea. You will save very little time, and your sealcoating will not last as long as it should.

At Alpha Paving Industries, we have been sealcoating asphalt pavement for more than three decades. We are no strangers to night work to help customers minimize their parking lot downtime, but we do not recommend sealcoating at night. However, we are happy to work with our customers in any way possible to keep their inconvenience to a minimum.

Alpha Paving provides an extensive range of asphalt-related services to customers throughout Central Texas, including the greater Austin area. In addition to asphalt sealcoing, we also provide stripe and restripe parking lots, handicap space installation, asphalt paving and installation of car stops and parking lot signage. Our crews have the expertise to provide top-quality results at competitive prices. If you would like a free quote, you can submit our convenient online form or call us at (512) 677-9001.


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