The Trails of Shady Oaks | Leander, TX

Between 2010 and 2016, the population of Leander, TX increased from approximately 26,500 to almost 43,000. The town’s proximity to Austin, its scenic setting and the area’s highly acclaimed public schools continue to attract new residents, resulting in the development of new housing communities. The Trails of Shady Oaks is one such community. Home construction began in 2014 and is still underway. The Trails of Shady Oaks has a homeowners association that is professionally managed by Associa. In February 2018, the HOA asked Alpha Paving to help resolve an ongoing issue with traffic flow.

The Trails of Shady Oaks | Leander, TX

What Was the Issue?

The Trails of Shady Oaks includes a two-lane private road that is approximately 1,200 feet in length. The problem was that people other than the residents of the community were using the private road as a shortcut to another neighborhood. This placed additional stress on the pavement, but it also made the area less safe for residents, particularly the children.

How Did Alpha Remedy the Problem?

In February 2018, Alpha Paving received a request to provide suggestions and ideas for the control of non-resident traffic. We met with the HOA’s management company and board president, and after much discussion, they provided a job scope consisting of the installation of a private road sign, a stop sign, a speed limit sign and the pavement markings for three crosswalks. The job also included completely repainting the centerline.

After six months, the HOA determined that the improvements were not sufficient to prevent nonresidents from using the private road. The management company discussed the problem with the city and received a design for a speed hump. The company asked us to return and provide additional assistance.

Using marking paint, we measured and laid out four separate speed hump locations consisting of three humps each. The customer was in a hurry to complete the work, so we immediately provided an estimate to install the design. The client signed the same day.

We scheduled work to begin the following day. On the first day, we completed the asphalt improvements. We completed the sealcoating the next day and then restriped. The final step involved the installation of two breakaway signs warning drivers of the speed humps. These changes should prompt nonresidents to avoid the area and choose alternative routes for their daily travels.

Can Alpha Paving Help Me?

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