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Village of Webberville, TX | Road Construction .The history of Webberville, TX began with a handful of settlements in the 1820s. In 1839, the community was formally established as Webber’s Prairie, becoming Webberville in 1853. It would be 150 years before Webberville was officially incorporated as a village.  Webberville is about 30 minutes west of Austin, TX.

When the village needed to have work performed on its asphalt pavement, Alpha Paving was invited to bid on the job. As a small community, the mayor and commissioners needed to ensure that their residents would receive quality work at the lowest cost possible. Bobby Edwards, one of Alpha’s sales representatives, worked tirelessly with the village’s commissioners for over 18 months, educating the principals on the paving process, presenting various solutions and helping define a detailed bid package so that all bids received were truly “apples to apples.”

Alpha Paving was awarded the contract, so the next step was to hold a preconstruction meeting on the Friday before work was to begin. During the meeting, the scope of the job was reviewed, the details were clarified and the entire process was explained. Work was scheduled to begin at 6 a.m. on the following Monday.

Our crews and equipment arrived on time Monday morning. Traffic control was provided to ensure that inconvenience to the citizens was minimized. By 7 a.m., the crews were off and running. Chuy took the first crew to saw cut, mill and perform other prep work before handling the patching and bridging. In addition to the patching and bridging already discussed, Chuy also handled work on roads that his extensive experience told him were in need of attention. Blondie and Kathy took the second crew and began paving in areas that did not require preliminary prep work. By dark, the first road — which had been allotted up to two days for completion — was finished.

The second day began much as the first. The second road was also expected to take two days, but the commissioners added another 11,355 sq.ft. of pavement that was connected to the second road. Due to the additional work, the second road was not quite finished by the end of the first day, so we had to complete the work the following day.

By 2 p.m. on the third day, we had finished the second road and started on the third road as well as the additional footage of the parking lot at City Hall. All that remained to be done on Friday was to help the commission decide on the best layout for their parking area and apply the striping.

Sean McMahon, one of the Village of Webberville commissioners involved with the project, had high praise for the work that we did. He was on the site during the entire time that our crews were working and personally inspected all of the work that we performed. In a letter to Alpha, he praised our efficiency, the quality of our work and the professionalism of our team members. Furthermore, he stated that prospective customers could call him at (512) 762-0887 for a reference or to ask questions about our performance.

At Alpha Paving, we always strive to deliver 100-percent satisfaction on every job. We routinely provide road construction work to municipalities and counties, airports, HOAs, subdivisions, apartment complexes, shopping malls, major retailers, health care facilities, office parks, hotels, educational facilities, religious institutions, restaurants and industrial facilities. We offer a full line of asphalt and concrete services, including asphalt paving, repairs, asphalt overlays, road construction, street maintenance, asphalt milling, sealcoating, parking lot striping, pavement markings and speed bump installation. We deliver exceptional work at affordable prices. If you would like to request a free quote, call (512) 677-9001 or use the online form to send us your information.

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