What Equipment Is Used for Asphalt Paving?

What equipment is used for asphalt paving? alpha austin paving

What equipment is used for asphalt paving? alpha austin paving Whether the goal is to install new carpeting, build a deck, or construct a home, contractors need the proper equipment to perform the job in a timely fashion and ensure quality results. Furthermore, contractors need to maintain their equipment to work as it should and do not fail in the middle of a job. All of the above is also relevant when performing asphalt paving. Contractors use a variety of equipment when installing an overlay or building a new pavement. You can classify this equipment into five broad categories: dump trucks, milling machines, sweepers, pavers, and rollers.

What Equipment Is Used for Asphalt Paving?

How Do Contractors Use Dump Trucks for Asphalt Paving?

The primary purpose of dump trucks is to move the asphalt mix from the plant to the paving site. Most people are familiar with trucks that raise the front end of the bed to allow materials to slide out the back. However, there are also dump trucks that discharge their payload through the bottom of the bed. These trucks sometimes include a conveyor. Regardless of the type of dump truck, the asphalt may go from the truck to a material transfer vehicle, transporting the asphalt to a different part of the work area.

What Are Milling Machines?

Milling machines are powerful and precise grinders that can remove as much or as little of existing asphalt pavement as desired. Milling is a common procedure on asphalt resurfacing jobs, but milling machines can also remove existing pavement, including the base layers. Milling machines can also cut rumble strips into new or existing pavements.

Why Do Contractors Need Sweepers for Asphalt Paving?

It is common for asphalt companies to use sweepers to clean pavement after milling. Unless the pavement is free from gravel, dust, millings, or other debris, the overlay can have trouble creating a strong bond with the existing pavement. Furthermore, vehicles could launch gravel or small rocks from their tires that could potentially chip the paint or damage the windshields on other cars.

What Are Paving Machines?

Asphalt pavers are self-propelled machines that feature a floating screed. Asphalt companies use them to spread and level the hot asphalt.

Why Do Asphalt Contractors Need Rollers?

A street or parking lot paving contractor will use one or more rollers to compact the asphalt before it cools. Your Austin paving company may refer to this type of equipment as compactors. The two basic types are pneumatic tire rollers and steel-wheeled rollers. Achieving proper compaction is essential for a durable asphalt pavement that will also provide a smooth, safe ride and an attractive surface. Compaction aims to remove the air bubbles from the asphalt mix to make the pavement denser and stronger. Inadequate compaction can result in a lumpy pavement, an uneven surface, and a much shorter life for the pavement.

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