What U.S. Drivers Want From Roads

What U.S. Drivers Want From Roads, alpha paving austinIn 2014, a survey was conducted of 3,085 drivers, including a number of commercial truck drivers. The purpose of the study was to determine what drivers in the United States want — and expect — from the nation’s roads. Participants chose which of 14 factors they considered important. The top three traits identified by drivers were safe roads, well-maintained roads and roads that delivered a smooth ride.

What U.S. Drivers Want From Roads


Safety actually ranked third on the list of most-desired features with 56 percent stating it was among their top priorities. Concrete degrades over time, resulting in rough, uneven pavement, which in turn increases the risks of accidents. Furthermore, asphalt pavement is not prone to the sectional uplifts, spalling and similar deterioration that can make concrete roads less safe. Asphalt roads are smoother than concrete, and smoother roads are safer roads.


Among the drivers surveyed, 84 percent of the non-commercial drivers ranked well-maintained roads as being of critical importance, while 73 percent of the commercial drivers assigned it a similar priority. An impressive 86 percent of the non-commercial drivers and 78 percent of the truckers stated that spending should prioritize repair and maintenance of existing asphalt roads rather than the construction of new roads.

Repairing concrete pavement is a lengthy process that normally requires removal of massive slabs of concrete and pouring new pavement. Until the process is complete and the concrete is cured, the lane or roadway must be closed to traffic, resulting in detours and/or traffic jams that also increase the risk of an accident.

Conversely, asphalt pavement can be repaired or replaced in minimal time. Because so little time is needed, much asphalt roadwork can be performed overnight or during off-peak hours to reduce closings and congested traffic.


In addition to being safer, smooth roads offer other important benefits. They provide a more comfortable ride for drivers and their passengers, improved fuel economy and reduced wear-and-tear on the vehicles driving on them. Almost 70 percent of the drivers surveyed stated that they are amenable to periodic delays if such delays result in smoother roads.

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