Wilco Expo | Thermoplastic Markings | Taylor, TX

Nestled on 95 acres in Taylor, Texas, the Williamson County Expo Center hosts a variety of recreational, sporting and spectator events. The arena is home to the Taylor Annual Rodeo, while the meeting halls are the site of numerous proms, career fairs, shows, and meetings. The center is also home to various softball and baseball tournaments, barrel races, 4-H events, and seasonal events. Many shows and events span multiple days, and since Taylor is a relatively small town of about 17,000 people, lodging can be an issue during major events. Vendors and visitors who wanted to park their recreational vehicles or travel trailers found very few options in the area. The county addressed this issue by adding a total of 51 RV parking sites at the Wilco Expo Center. The site offers 22 spaces with full hookups, 28 spaces with water and electricity, and one space for the park host. Two of the spaces are accessible spaces for the disabled. The spaces are available for rent by those participating in an event at the Expo Center and subject to availability, the general public may also rent spaces for up to 14 consecutive days. Officials expect the Wilco Expo Center RV Park to be quite popular and to provide a badly needed amenity to event vendors and guests. Alpha Paving had the privilege of assisting Williamson County in this endeavor.

Wilco Expo | Thermoplastic Markings | Taylor, TX

What Was Alpha Paving’s Role in the Wilco Expo Center Project?

We partnered with Champion Site Prep, a leading excavation service headquartered in Georgetown, Texas. After Champion completed the site work, we installed all of the asphalt for the new RV parking area. We also applied the final touches to the new pavement by applying the pavement markings and striping the parking spaces. We used hot-applied thermoplastic material for all of the pavement markings. Thermoplastic pavement markings have reflective glass beads added to make them reflect light from headlights and other sources, increasing safety by increasing visibility.

In addition, Alpha was responsible for installing all of the signs at this site. Some of the signs were common varieties, including stop signs and pedestrian crossing signs. However, RV parks must also include various custom signs; signs identifying the sewage dump stations and nonpotable water sources were just two types of custom signs that we ordered and installed.

Why Is Alpha Paving the Company to Choose?

Alpha Paving offers a full range of pavement-related services, including parking lot striping and pavement markings, asphalt paving, asphalt overlays, asphalt repairs, asphalt milling, concrete installation, concrete repairs, street maintenance, parking lot signs, thermoplastic pavement markings, road construction, and speed bump installation. Our clients include counties and municipalities, health care facilities, religious institutions, airports, HOAs, subdivisions, major retailers, shopping centers, restaurants, convenience stores, apartment complexes, educational institutions, office parks, hotels, and industrial facilities. We deliver work that is of the highest quality at affordable rates.If you want to receive a free quote, simply call 512-677-9001 or use our online form to send us your request.

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