What Are ADA Accommodations Violations?

What Are ADA Accommodations Violations? | Asphalt Paving, austin, txAlthough the Americans with Disabilities Act contains an extensive list of requirements that cover interior accessibility, employment discrimination, public transportation, and many other issues, a surprising percentage of all violations involve parking lots. Because the ADA is so complex, many businesses are unaware that they are violating one or more regulations, especially if they hire a pavement striping contractor who does not have a solid understanding of the requirements. However, each business owner bears the brunt of the responsibility for ensuring compliance, so you might want to review your parking lot to make sure that there are no violations.

What Are ADA Accommodations Violations? | Asphalt Paving

What Are the Dangers of Failing to Comply With the ADA?

The ADA gives the Department of Justice the power to assess a monetary civil penalty for non-compliance. The first violation could result in a fine of up to $75,000; fines for subsequent violations could be as much as $150,000. You could also find yourself as the defendant in a private lawsuit, especially if someone suffers an injury because of the violation. Furthermore, you could lose customers if disabled individuals find it too challenging to patronize your business.

What Are Some Critical ADA Violations in Asphalt Parking Lots?

In general, your parking lot must provide safe, accessible parking spaces and an accessible route to your building’s entrance. The ADA, however, has an extensive list of conditions that your parking lot must meet to be in full compliance with these two fundamental concepts.

• Parking spaces must be a minimum of 96 inches in width. Also, handicapped parking spaces must have an adjacent access aisle. Access aisles for car-accessible spaces should be at least 60 inches wide, but van-accessible spaces need access aisles that are at least 96 inches wide. Pavement striping must define the boundaries of the access aisles.
• The ADA bases the required number of car-accessible and van-accessible spaces on the total number of parking spaces in your parking lot. For example, if your lot has only two parking spaces, one space must be van-accessible; the second space does not have to be an accessible space.
• Accessible spaces should provide the shortest route to your door. There should be no obstacles in an accessible route, so proper wheelchair ramps must be present if the user will encounter a curb.
• The ADA is particular about the amount of slope that accessible parking space, route, and ramp can have. If you believe that you are in violation, ask your paving contractor to check the slope and make any necessary corrections.
• You must install permanent signs to identify accessible spaces. Although pavement markings to denote available parking spaces are not mandatory under the ADA, some local codes require them. A reputable asphalt striping contractor will know any special requirements in your area, and he will also know how and where to install the mandatory signs.
• You must assess your compliance whenever your parking lot undergoes a substantial change. For example, when you repaint your parking spaces, you cannot assume that your old layout was ADA-compliant. Minor paving maintenance will not typically require a revision to your layout, but an asphalt overlay might.

The ADA is extraordinarily lengthy and complex, so many potential violations do not appear on the above list. If you want to make sure that your parking lot complies with all regulations, contact Alpha Paving. We have the training and experience to help you with your ADA issues. Alpha Paving is a full-service paving contractor serving Austin, TX and most locations in Central Texas. Our services include pavement striping and markings for parking lots, asphalt paving and overlays, asphalt repairs, street maintenance, concrete installation, road construction, asphalt sealcoating, asphalt paving maintenance, speed bump installation, asphalt milling, and parking lot signs. We serve clients in all industries, including retailers, commercial property managers, restaurants, hotels, educational facilities, apartment complexes, local governments, subdivisions, health care facilities, office parks, religious institutions, and airports. Our mission is to provide work of the highest caliber and exceptional customer service at the best price possible. You can submit the online form or call 512-677-9001 to request a free quote.

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