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After a Fresh Asphalt Paving Project — The Do's and Don'ts

From humble beginnings in 1882, Leander, TX has evolved into one of the fastest-growing cities in Texas. As of 2016, the population was estimated at more than 42,700 people; there were slightly more than 26,500 people recorded in the 2010 census. Part of the reason for the city’s explosive growth is its proximity to Austin, which lies a mere 22 miles away. However, residents are also attracted by the city’s safety, employment opportunities and overall quality of life. In fact, Leander was ranked first in Texas on the 2017 list compiled by SmartAsset of the best places for raising a family. As might be expected, there are many activities for families to enjoy in Leander, including concert series, car shows, dining venues, archery tournaments and fun runs. The growing population, as well as the influx of visitors attracted by shopping opportunities and special events, have taken a toll on many of the city’s streets. When it was time to rehabilitate some of their asphalt pavements, asphalt milling, the city contracted with Alpha Paving.

Asphalt Milling | City of Leander  – The Job Scope

A substantial part of the rehabilitation focused on Bagdad Road. Bagdad Road is an extremely busy five-lane thoroughfare, which meant that extensive planning and effective traffic control was essential. Multiple other streets were also included in the rehabilitation project, which called for a 2-inch milling overlay, including patching. The entire project was approximately 9,000 tons of mill and overlay, but Bagdad Road accounted for more than half of that total.

Asphalt milling is a technique that involves grinding away existing pavement to a specific depth. A milling machine is used to remove the correct depth of asphalt pavement. Milling can remove just an inch or two of pavement, but it can also be used for full-depth removal. Milling is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly procedure that allows the retention of curb and gutter reveals as well as the pavement’s grade and slope. Asphalt milling is often performed to eliminate low spots, smooth the transition between pavements, level rutted pavement or eliminate bumps in the pavement. It is common to perform milling prior to installing an asphalt overlay to help resolve drainage issues or refine the pavement’s edges.

An asphalt overlay is simply a course of asphalt that is applied on top of existing pavement. Overlays are much more economical that removing and replacing the pavement, but the appearance of the overlay is almost impossible to differentiate from new pavement and it will have virtually the same longevity as new pavement. Although overlays are suitable for asphalt and concrete pavements, they cannot be used on every pavement. The pavement needs to have a stable foundation and few severe cracks to be considered ideal for an overlay. Fortunately, Leander had maintained their streets sufficiently to prevent extensive damage that would have made overlays impossible. This saved the city and its taxpayers the substantial costs involved with totally rebuilding the streets.

Alpha’s team worked very closely with the city, especially Pat and Michael, city employees who were extremely professional and competent. We enjoyed working with the city, and we were pleased to provide Leander with quality work that adhered to the schedule and remained within budget.

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