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Asphalt Pavement & Quality Planning | Austin, TX, asphalt paving company of austinWhether you need a new asphalt parking lot, highway or urban street, your contractor will spend a lot of time planning your project before the first shovel of dirt is turned. Without a solid plan, your project could experience delays or provide you with a pavement that is far from satisfactory. Many elements go into the plan, but here are the initial steps that experienced, trustworthy asphalt paving contractors follow when planning a new project.

Asphalt Pavement & Quality Planning | Austin, TX

Site Evaluation

If there is an existing pavement, the contractor must consider the best way to demolish and remove it. He will need to determine how long the process will take, the equipment that will be needed and what to do with the old pavement.

Whether the project is to replace an existing pavement or build a new one, the contractor must evaluate the soil on which the new pavement will rest. He will need to decide whether soil amendments will be needed, the grade of the ground and the amount of runoff the pavement will receive from the surrounding terrain. The contractor must also determine the location of buried sewer lines, utility cables, gas lines and water pipes.

Intended Use

The number of vehicles expected to use the pavement and their weights can affect the design of the pavement. For example, if the pavement must support heavy trucks, it may need to be thicker than if it will support only passenger vehicles. If the pavement will bear thousands of vehicles daily, it will need to be designed differently than a pavement that bears only a few dozen cars each day.

Project Scope

The size of the pavement is a crucial factor when planning a new project. The square footage, the pavement’s configuration and the prep work required can affect the types of equipment needed, the crew size and the timing of each phase. Job-specific requirements, including the need to limit work to certain days or divide the project into multiple work areas, must be taken into consideration. Large projects may require multiple crews working on different phases in different areas, so the contractor must create a carefully choreographed plan.


In most instances, asphalt pavements connect to existing parking lots, driveways or streets. The contractor must plan how to handle transitional areas to avoid jarring bumps, pooling water and tripping hazards.

Materials Required

Based on the information he has collected, the contractor can determine the correct materials and the quantities of each material that will be needed. He will need to decide on vendors and plan deliveries so that all materials are available when they are needed.

Proper Planning Prevents Problems

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