Asphalt: Interesting Recreational & Industrial Uses

Asphalt: Interesting Recreational & Industrial Uses, paving austin txAsphalt is a versatile and durable material that has been used for thousands of years. Ancient civilizations used naturally occurring asphalt for waterproofing objects, caulking, cementing parts of statues together and as a substitute for mortar in the construction of buildings. Many natural asphalt deposits still exist today around the globe, the largest of which covers approximately 55,000 square miles and is found in Alberta, Canada. Today, asphalt is primarily used in the construction of roadways, but it has many other applications due to its unique characteristics and proven dependability. Increasingly, asphalt is being used for recreational and industrial applications.

Asphalt: Interesting Recreational & Industrial Uses

Recreational Uses of Asphalt

If given timely repairs and periodic sealcoating, recreational asphalt pavements can provide many years of attractive service. The ease of achieving a smooth surface without sacrificing the surface’s ability to be slip-resistant makes asphalt an ideal material for many recreational uses. Basketball courts, tennis courts and recreational walking paths that are constructed from asphalt provide low-cost, low-maintenance pavements that are more attractive and more flexible than similar areas constructed from concrete. Bicycle and golf cart paths are increasingly being paved with asphalt for the speed with which the paths can be constructed as well as the economical installation costs. With proper drainage as a high priority, asphalt makes a safe and reliable surface around playgrounds and any other area where children gather to play. Track and field surfaces at colleges and high schools are often built using an asphalt-rubber mix.

Industrial Uses of Asphalt

Because of its superior flexibility and excellent waterproofing properties, asphalt continues to outperform other materials used for many industrial applications.

• Since asphalt is a chemically inert substance, it remains a safe and reliable material for retaining and storing water. Many dams and reservoirs incorporate asphalt in their construction due to asphalt’s flexibility, nontoxicity and waterproofing properties.
• The railroad industry often uses asphalt in track construction. The asphalt can help prevent subbase erosion while lending additional strength to the railbed.
• Asphalt is used extensively for flood control and for minimizing soil erosion.
• Asphalt’s waterproofing nature continues to be an important factor in its use in the construction of roofs and basements.
• Asphalt is often used in agriculture for the paving of livestock containment pens and for lining food storage silos.
• Many fish hatcheries line their retention ponds with asphalt. Fish and wildlife officials report that asphalt-lined ponds contribute to quality fish and that the asphalt linings have proven very durable.
• Asphalt is also used to line landfills, especially those containing biological or hazardous waste. The asphalt prevents contamination of the groundwater or surrounding soil by the waste.
• Auto manufacturers use asphalt in a variety of ways. Fast-drying asphalt-based paints can be applied to metal parts, including fenders and hoods. Some manufacturers apply an asphalt coating to dampen road noise or to help protect against rust.

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