How Can I Assess My Asphalt Pavement?

How Can I Assess My Asphalt Pavement? paving company austinYour asphalt pavement was economical to install, but that does not mean that you do not want to get the most value for your money. A long, healthy life for your pavement will require periodic maintenance and prompt repairs when issues arrive. To help you identify problems as early as possible, you can follow some of the steps that an asphalt contractor would take to assess your pavement. Whether you handle the task yourself or engage the services of a professional, your pavement needs a thorough assessment at least once every year.

How Can I Assess My Asphalt Pavement?

What Do Contractors Evaluate When Assessing Asphalt Pavements?

Contractors begin by conducting a visual assessment of the pavement to determine its overall condition. Most asphalt companies in Texas will look for the following signs that your pavement needs help.

1. Surface Damage: Surface damage includes various types of cracks, stains caused by oil or other automotive fluids, and minor depressions that allow water to pool. Cracking or raveling along the edges of the pavement can often represent surface damage, but these damage patterns can occasionally go deeper than the surface layers.
2. Foundation Damage: A stable, durable foundation is essential for long-lived asphalt pavement. Signs of foundation damage include alligator cracking, extensive potholes, pavement subsidence, and buckling or warping of the pavement.
3. Pavement Color: New asphalt pavement has a deep, lustrous black color. Over time, exposure to the UV rays emitted by the sun will fade the color and turn it a dingy shade of gray or brown. Unfortunately, the faded color indicates a more severe issue. The same rays that rob asphalt pavement of its color also rob it of its moisture. The pavement becomes increasingly brittle, making it more likely to develop cracks. Asphalt sealcoating is an economical and highly effective way to block UV rays, and it can restore the pavement’s color as well as protect it from various threats.
4. Drainage Issues: Water penetration is one of the leading causes of foundation damage, so water must drain from the pavement as quickly as possible. Poor drainage can leave pools of water standing on the surface, increasing the chances that it will find a way to leak between the layers or reach the foundation. Drainage issues can be the result of improper grading, insufficient or clogged grates, ground movement, or improper channeling of runoff from the surrounding terrain.
5. Pavement Distress: Pavement distress encompasses a variety of conditions, including cracking due to pavement fatigue, rutting, slippage cracks, and shoving. Causes can include errors during the initial construction, traffic that is heavier in weight or volume than the engineers designed the pavement to support, or merely the advanced age of the pavement.
6. If the pavement under assessment is a parking lot, your asphalt contractor will also evaluate a few additional areas. These include verifying that your lot complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act, checking the condition of your parking lot striping, and reviewing the placement and condition of your parking lot signs.

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