Can Asphalt Repair Be Done in Rainy Weather?

Can Asphalt Repair Be Done in Rainy Weather? paving austin texas Typically, commercial paving contractors urge their customers to repair cracks, potholes, and other breaks in the pavement as quickly as possible. However, an asphalt repair cannot be performed while rain is falling, and it is usually not possible if rain is expected before the asphalt has cured sufficiently. Occasionally, a highly experienced contractor might be able to work around a very light, very brief shower to make a very temporary repair. Still, it is a far better idea to postpone your work until the weather improves.

Can Asphalt Repair Be Done in Rainy Weather?

Why Does a Paving Company Avoid Asphalt Repairs in Rainy Weather?

Reputable paving companies want every customer to be more than satisfied with the quality and longevity of their work. Attempting to make an asphalt repair in rainy weather is a virtual guarantee that you will not be happy with how your pavement looks or how long the repair lasts.

1. The primary reason that asphalt contractors recommend prompt repairs is that breaks in the pavement allow water to reach the foundation layers. Foundation erosion and destabilization can lead to subsidence, alligator cracking, potholes, and a host of other serious issues. Many times, a permanent repair will require removing the asphalt to the foundation. If it is raining, a damaging amount of water can enter through this area, and it can cause immediate damage or remain trapped until it freezes, exacerbating existing damage or inflicting new damage.
2. When properly cured, asphalt does such an excellent job of repelling water that it is often used to line reservoirs and fish hatcheries. Asphalt contains oils that repel water, but until the curing process is complete, rain can force these oils to the surface of the pavement. Cracks, craters, and holes can develop. These damages are unsightly, but they also reduce the life of the repair.
3. Parking lot paving companies often need to repaint markings or stripes that the repair obscured. Your contractor cannot apply lot striping and markings in the rain.

Before deciding to postpone the work, however, you should consult a reputable contractor with experience performing commercial paving repairs. Your contractor pays very close attention to the weather forecast to determine what types of work he can schedule during the upcoming days. Every kind of job, including asphalt resurfacing, crack repairs, and sealcoating, requires certain weather conditions for high-quality results, so trust his judgment.

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