Austin Paving Contractor: Improving Your Design

Austin Paving Contractor: Improving Your Design, alpha paving Asphalt pavement is more than just compacted asphalt. The asphalt in the paving mix serves to make the pavement waterproof, gives it flexibility and binds all of the ingredients in the mix together. Different ingredients give the mix new properties or improve existing properties. By incorporating different ingredients, your paving contractor can create a mix that will deliver the best results for the use to which your new pavement will be subjected.

Austin Paving Contractor: Improving Your Design

Asphalt Mix Ingredients

Over 90 percent of the ingredients in a typical asphalt mix are aggregates. Commonly used aggregates include crushed gravel, sand and crushed stone. The size of the individual particles of aggregates depends on the desired properties of the finished pavement. For example, a mix with large particles will introduce more air voids that can affect the pavement’s ability to prevent the passage of water and air. The type of asphalt cement and the quantity used can also affect the properties that the finished pavement will exhibit.

What Qualities Can Mix Design Affect?

Choosing the correct mix helps ensure that your pavement will last as it should. However, it can also save you money. For example, if you select a mix that is designed to withstand heavyweight vehicles for a parking lot that will be used only by passenger vehicles, you could spend more than is necessary to have a long-lasting parking lot.

• Flexibility is an excellent characteristic for asphalt pavement to possess. Over time, virtually all pavements will experience ground movement or settling. If the pavement is inflexible, it can crack instead of moving with the subgrade.
• Skid resistance is the pavement’s ability to reduce the possibility that vehicles will skid. Although this quality is particularly important when the pavement is wet, tires can sometimes skid on dry pavement during cold weather. Skid-resistant pavements usually contain surface aggregates that have a rough texture.
• Stability is an important quality for asphalt pavement to possess. Stable pavements are less likely to develop ruts and other deformations, but unstable pavements often cannot resist rippling, shoving and other deformations that indicate movement of the pavement.
• Fatigue resistance refers to the pavement’s ability to withstand cracking when subjected to repeated bending from wheel loads. The air voids, asphalt content and numerous other factors affect the pavement’s fatigue resistance.
• Durability is the pavement’s resistance to oxidation, aggregate deterioration and the loss of the asphalt binder. Durable mixes typically contain quality, well-graded aggregates and the optimum amount of binder.
• Workability refers to how easily the mix can be installed and properly compacted. Unless proper compaction is achieved, the overall density of the pavement will be reduced. This can result in a shorter life for the pavement.

With so many options available for asphalt mixes, it is important that you choose an experienced, credible contractor. Alpha Paving is a regarded asphalt contractor that serves Austin, TX and most locations in Central Texas. Our services include asphalt overlays, asphalt paving, road construction, asphalt maintenance, asphalt repairs, seal coating, milling, parking lot striping, concrete installation, parking lot wheel stops, speed bump installation and concrete repair. Our client base is comprised of customers in a variety of industries, including counties and municipalities, subdivisions, shopping malls, HOAs, apartment complexes, airports, retailers, manufacturing facilities, educational institutions, hotels, health care facilities, restaurants and religious institutions. We are known for delivering superb workmanship and professional customer service at competitive rates. If you have questions about Austin Paving Contractor: Improving Your Design, our would like a free quote, you can fill out the online form or call 512-677-9001.

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