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End Season Sealcoating, Texas, sealcoating in Austin, asphalt striping, parking lot maintenance company in Austin TXAs we enter winter, end season sealcoating invariably begins to receive calls from customers who worry that they have missed the opportunity to have their asphalt pavements sealed before winter arrives. Many of these clients know that winter weather can cause significant damage to their pavements, so they want to give their asphalt the maximum protection possible. In the Austin Texas area, it is often possible to apply sealcoating during the final weeks of autumn, but there are some issues that must be considered.

End Season Sealcoating – Temperature

Sealant manufacturers specify that the temperature must be at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit for a sealcoating application to be successful. This temperature requirement applies to both the ambient and ground temperatures. Furthermore, the temperature cannot fall below 50 degrees at any point until the application is completed and the sealant has fully dried.

Reduced Sunlight

Direct sunlight helps sealcoating cure properly and dry faster. However, in late autumn, there is little direct sunlight for the final two or three hours of the day. The shorter days may also make it impossible to apply a second coat on the same day, requiring the area to remain closed for an additional day. The problem can be exacerbated if the pavement is heavily shaded or positioned on the north side of a building.


Although autumn is not typically the rainy season in Central Texas, the weather can be unpredictable. Any precipitation falling on uncured sealcoating can ruin the job, so in addition to ensuring that the temperature will be conducive to sealcoating, contractors must also make sure that there is no rain in the forecast.


If conditions are marginal, it might be possible for your contractor to include additives in the sealcoating mix that will allow the work to be performed. There are additives that can make the sealant dry faster, for example, or allow it to be applied when the temperature is slightly out of range.

Choose a Reputable Sealcoating Professional

There are some fly-by-night end season sealcoating contractors who are willing to apply sealants under virtually all conditions. However, you risk having your sealcoating fail long before spring arrives. Your best option is to work with a reputable contractor who will be honest about whether conditions are acceptable for sealcoating.

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