Environmentally Green Asphalt Paving

Environmentally Green Asphalt Paving, asphalt paving austinArchaeologists have traced the first asphalt pavement to approximately 2,600 years ago, and there are some experts who believe that asphalt pavement was actually in use much earlier. Today, asphalt can be found on over 160,000 miles of American highways; add in city streets, rural roads and parking lots, and you will quickly realize that asphalt is the most common pavement in the country. The popularity of asphalt pavement is due to its durability, economical price and visual appeal. The asphalt industry, however, has not been content to rest on its laurels. In recent years, the industry has invested heavily in the research and development of ways to make asphalt pavement more environmentally friendly.

Environmentally Green Asphalt Paving

Traditional asphalt is already an eco-friendly product. It is the most recycled product in America in terms of weight; asphalt pavement is 100-percent recyclable. Furthermore, asphalt plants have reduced their emissions so dramatically in recent decades that not even the Environmental Protection Agency is concerned about them.

However, traditional asphalt pavement does have one environmental drawback. It is not porous, which means that when it rains, the runoff must flow into storm sewers and eventually into the water system. Runoff carries with it all of the chemicals that find their way onto the pavement. Automotive fluids, deicing chemicals, salt and sand are just a few of the things that can be carried by the runoff.

The Environmentally Friendly Solution

To combat the problem of runoff, engineers have developed permeable asphalt, also known as porous asphalt. This type of pavement has tiny pores that allow water to penetrate the pavement. Beneath the pavement, a specially constructed catch basin collects and filters the runoff before redirecting the water into the ground. By redistributing the water, the runoff and any chemicals it might have picked up are kept out of the water supply.

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