How Can HOAs Protect Their Asphalt Pavement?

How Can HOAs Protect Their Asphalt Pavement? asphalt paving company austin tx Homeowner associations provide several benefits and services to their communities. These include enforcing HOA bylaws, helping residents maintain their property values, and ensuring that the community offers a safe, aesthetically pleasing environment. Many HOAs opt for asphalt road construction and the installation of asphalt parking lots, sports courts, and walking trails or bike paths. To help ensure the longevity of these pavements, it is necessary to be proactive about protecting them.

How Can HOAs Protect Their Asphalt Pavement?

Is It Difficult to Protect Asphalt Pavement?

Asphalt paving is a smart choice for all your pavements. Paving asphalt is entirely recyclable, and asphalt plants can use the recycled asphalt to make more pavement in an eco-friendly manner. However, even though asphalt is economical and environmentally friendly, you still want to ensure that you do not need to replace it before it reaches its full life. Routine maintenance can help you protect your asphalt pavement and extend its life. Asphalt maintenance procedures are economical, and an experienced asphalt company can typically perform them quickly and with minimal disruption to your residents.

How Does Sealcoating Help HOAs Protect Their Asphalt Pavements?

Sealcoating is a highly effective way to protect asphalt from early deterioration. Sealcoating blocks the UV rays that turn asphalt pavement dry and brittle, and it helps prevent damage from automotive fluids. Furthermore, sealcoating can restore the dark color displayed by new asphalt pavement. Your contractor can recommend the appropriate schedule for sealcoating your pavements, but most parking lots and high-traffic streets will need sealcoating about every two years. Paths, trails, and sports courts may be able to go longer between applications.

Why Is Asphalt Crack Repair Important?

Cracks will eventually develop in even the best asphalt pavements. Unfortunately, neglected cracks can lead to significant damage that can be expensive to repair if water reaches the foundation. Ask your contractor to fill or seal any substantial cracks at least once every year, and it is better to have him mend them every six months.

Does Cleanliness Affect the Health of Asphalt Pavement?

Yes, you need to keep your pavements clean. Promptly remove piles of leaves, trash, or grass clippings. Because automotive fluids will chew through your sealcoating and damage your pavement, you should remove them as quickly as possible. Plan to have your employee or your contractor perform this task periodically. Your exact schedule will depend on how widespread the problem is; once or twice a year is sufficient for some pavements, but your contractor may recommend quarterly or even monthly treatments.

Will Resurfacing Help Extend the Life of Asphalt Pavement?

If your pavement has a stable foundation and a worn-out surface, resurfacing may be an effective way to get the look and performance of a rebuilt pavement at a lower cost. The timing of the resurfacing depends on many factors, including the pavement’s use. As an example, however, parking lot resurfacing is typically necessary every 12 to 15 years.

Why Is It Important to Control Vehicle Weights on Asphalt Pavement?

The asphalt company installing your pavement designed its construction to support vehicles of a certain weight and number. Allowing vehicles of a heavier weight can damage your pavement. For example, if you enable SUVs to drive on a walking trail, your pavement will not last very long before it needs to be rebuilt. Make and enforce rules about the types of vehicles allowed on each kind of pavement.

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