How Austin Hotels Can Benefit From Parking Lot Maintenance

How Austin Hotels Can Benefit From Parking Lot Maintenance, austin paving company

How Austin Hotels Can Benefit From Parking Lot Maintenance, austin paving companyWhether your hotel is an independent establishment or affiliated with an international chain, no one needs to tell you that you are in a highly competitive business. Your guests demand clean and sanitary rooms, beds with comfortable mattresses and luxurious pillows, and freshly cleaned carpets without stains or tears. However, before guests can discover how fantastic your rooms are, you have to get them through the door. If your parking lot is a poorly maintained mess, people may assume that the rest of your hotel suffers from the same neglect, so they keep going. Unfortunately, many hotel managers believe that professional parking lot maintenance will stretch their budgets to the breaking point. In reality, an asphalt paving Austin TX contractor can provide routine parking lot maintenance procedures at prices that are far less than you will pay to have your parking lot rebuilt when it deteriorates so badly that repairs are no longer an option.

How Austin Hotels Can Benefit From Parking Lot Maintenance

What Should Hotels Include in Their Professional Parking Lot Maintenance Plans?

 There are two essentials for hotel parking lots. First, they must be safe. You may think that potholes present the only danger to your guests and their vehicles. Potholes certainly pose serious hazards, so you should include asphalt patching as one of your maintenance services. However, cracks can be just as dangerous for pedestrians, so crack repair is another essential service. The second thing that hotel parking lots need is visual appeal. Two procedures, sealcoating and parking lot striping, make your lot more attractive, but they also contribute to safety. Sealcoating enhances traction, reducing the risk of slipping and skidding, but it also provides excellent contrast for pavement markings and stripes. Vibrant, clean pavement markings help you maintain the orderly flow of traffic, and well-striped spaces make your guests feel more comfortable about leaving their vehicles parked in your lot.

If a Hotel Parking Lot Needs More Than a Little Routine Maintenance, Is Reconstruction the Only Option?

 Rebuilding your parking lot can be an expensive proposition on its own, but the inconvenience to your guests could also reduce your revenue. Many times, paving companies can install a cost-effective asphalt overlay. For much less than the cost of reconstruction, your hotel parking lot can look as good as new and serve your guests for many years. 

What Asphalt Maintenance Might Hotel Employees Handle?

 If you have sufficient staff members, they may be able to handle some of the hotel’s routine parking lot maintenance. A clean parking lot will be more attractive to your guests, but a clean pavement will also be less prone to damage. Remove dead leaves, trash, and grass clippings regularly. Clean up gas, oil, or other automotive fluids that may have leaked from vehicles onto your pavement. Your staff members can handle any ice that forms on your parking lot or sidewalks, but you should check with your asphalt paving contractor or concrete installer to ensure that the deicing agent you use is safe for your pavement. You could have your employees trim the grass that borders the edges of your parking lot to prevent it from spreading onto your pavement and causing damage. Your employees could also inspect your grates and drains to ensure that they are clear and allowing water to flow freely. 

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