How Paving Starts With Soil & Rock Construction

How Paving Starts With Soil & Rock Construction, asphalt paving austinPaving asphalt streets, driveways, parking lots and highways is more complicated than you may realize. Many factors can affect the cost of the job, including the current price of hot asphalt, the location of the job site and the percentage of recycled asphalt used in the mix. However, you may not know that the quality and longevity of the finished pavement rely heavily on the structure that lies underneath. Asphalt contractors must pay particular attention to the preparation of the soil and rock present at the site.

How Paving Starts With Soil & Rock Construction

Why Is the Construction of the Subgrade Critical for the Quality of Asphalt Pavement?

The subgrade is the natural material that exists at the job site. The pavement will rest upon the subgrade, so the subgrade needs to be strong and stable to carry the load. If subgrade materials shrink or expand, deform under load, are subject to ground movement or lack the necessary stiffness, the pavement will be more prone to premature damage.

What If the Subgrade Is Unsuitable for Asphalt Pavement?

Local asphalt paving companies are usually very familiar with the types of soil and rock that are present in the area. Experienced contractors know how to remedy issues with unsuitable subgrade materials.

1. Compaction is a critical step in the preparation of the subgrade. Proper compaction can sometimes be enough to transform a loose, airy soil into a strong base.
2. If compaction is not enough to address an issue with the soil, the asphalt contractor may choose to remove several inches of the native soil and replace it with suitable fill. Because this method can be costly, paving contractors usually consider it an option of last resort.
3. A binder may be necessary to stabilize the subgrade material and increase its stiffness. Common binder materials include emulsified asphalt, lime, and cement.
4. Rocky ground may seem like an ideal surface on which to install pavement, but this type of terrain can make it difficult to install asphalt pavement. The ground may be too hard to compact properly, compromising the performance of the pavement. If necessary, contractors can use surface miners or milling machines to cut the route.

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