Questions To Ask An Asphalt Contractor


Questions To Ask An Asphalt Contractor, asphalt contractor austin When they need asphalt repairs, new pavement or an asphalt overlay, many people find the selection of a contractor to be challenging. After all, most people are not paving experts, and many of them have only a vague idea of what the entire process will entail. This makes it difficult to ask the right questions to ensure that they hire the right asphalt contractor. If you are not sure what you need to ask potential contractors, the following information can help.

Questions to Ask An Asphalt Contractor

How Long Has Your Asphalt Company Been in Business?

Although longevity does not necessarily guarantee superior work, the more years that the company has been in business, the higher the likelihood that they are a credible company. Asphalt companies that cheat customers deliver inferior work or fail to stand behind their work have trouble staying in business these days. Before the internet, unscrupulous companies tended to last longer. Today, however, unhappy customers need only a few keystrokes to share their negative experiences with the world. As a result, word gets around quickly, so potential customers who perform their due diligence simply avoid these companies.

What Can You Tell Me About Your Asphalt Crew?

The contractor’s crew members are the ones who will be performing the actual work. You want to hear that all equipment operators are well-trained and highly experienced, and you want to hear that all crew members are properly trained. However, you also want to hear that crew members are the contractor’s employees rather than casual laborers hired for the day. Ask how long employees have been with the company; if the company does not treat its employees fairly or fails to maintain a safe work environment, you should expect to find that the company has a high rate of employee churn.

What Are the Essential Aspects of My Project?

Virtually every asphalt paving or repair project has elements that are essential as well as elements that would be nice to have. The contractor’s first step should be to identify the most critical aspects of the project. Based on your budget, you and your contractor can then add nonessential elements to arrive at the true scope of your project.

Have You Handled Similar Asphalt Projects in the Area?

Ask the contractor for the addresses of similar projects that you can drive by to see his work for yourself. When you obtain a list of references from the contractor, make sure that at least some of these projects are on the list. Be sure to call the references to ask whether the contractor completed work on schedule, whether there were cost overruns, and whether the contractor provided adequate customer service.

What Insurance Coverage Do You Have?

At the very least, your contractor should have workers’ compensation insurance that covers all employees working on your property, vehicle liability, and general liability with a minimum limit of $500,000. Ask for proof that all policies are valid.

What Warranties Do You Offer?

Manufacturers typically guarantee that their products have no manufacturing defects, but the warranty could be voided if the contractor does not follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Therefore, it is essential to choose a contractor who offers a warranty on his workmanship.

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