Round Rock ISD | Wells Branch Elementary | Round Rock, TX

At Alpha Paving, we are always happy to assist the Round Rock ISD and other school districts with their paving needs. We understand the importance of ensuring that students, teachers, and staff members, and parents are safe whenever they are on school property, including parking lots, playgrounds, sidewalks, and access drives. Whenever a school or school board asks us to evaluate their pavements or correct a problem, we always ask ourselves how we would want a contractor to approach the project if our children attended the school or one of our family members taught or worked at the facility. Therefore, when the Round Rock ISD requested that we handle some work at the Wells Branch Elementary School, we knew that the customer needed the exceptional craftsmanship for which we are widely known to ensure that the school district received true value for its pavement investment.

Round Rock ISD | Wells Branch Elementary | Round Rock, TX

What Work Did Alpha Perform at the Wells Branch Elementary School?

 Many areas of the pavements needed resurfacing, but it was also necessary to address some drainage problems and subgrade failures. The scope and variety of the work required meticulous planning and expert project management to execute the following tasks.

 • We milled 13,822 square feet of pavement to a depth of two inches, then installed an overlay. This required 178 tons of Type D asphalt.

 • We milled an additional 13,878 square feet of pavement to a depth of three inches. The subsequent overlay required 268 tons of Type D asphalt.

 • We also installed 11,139 square feet of Type B asphalt to a depth of eight inches. This required 575 tons of Type B asphalt, which is also known as black base asphalt. This was a change order to address subgrade failures and was based on a design by John Wooley of Balcones Geotechnical.

 • We removed and replaced 150 linear feet of concrete curbing and gutter. This was a corrective action to change elevations for proper drainage.

 • We furnished and installed a drainage pipe that was 130 linear feet in length and six inches in diameter. This was a perforated pipe that featured a fabric wrapping to act as a filter to prevent the infiltration of soil or other particles that could clog the pipe.

 • We applied two spray coats of sealcoating to 29,087 square feet of pavement. This required 780 gallons of Jennite AE, a premium sealant with excellent durability.

 • The last step was to stripe the parking lot and repaint all pavement markings per the existing layout. This included marking or painting all crosswalks, speed bumps, traffic arrows, fire lanes, yellow curb, ADA stencils, and the striping for the playground blacktop. 

 We completed the work on August 2, within schedule and within budget. As usual, our team members performed their tasks efficiently, professionally, and skillfully.

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 As one of the leading paving contractors in Central Texas, Alpha Paving has the experience, skills, staffing, and equipment to handle even the largest projects. Our services include road construction, asphalt paving, concrete installation, asphalt crack repair, parking lot striping, asphalt overlay installation, asphalt milling, thermoplastic pavement markings, concrete repair, asphalt sealcoating, speed bump installation, and traffic sign installation. Our clients include many airports, shopping centers, municipalities and counties, restaurants, schools and universities, hotels, office parks, HOAs, apartment complexes, and recreational venues. We are known for the exceptional quality of our craftsmanship, our commitment to customer satisfaction, and our competitive prices. If you are interested in receiving a free quote, you can call our office in Round Rock at 512-677-9001 or fill out the online request form.


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