Sealcoating, Safety, and Sand

Sealcoating, Safety, and SandCustomers sometimes wonder why sealcoating professionals add sand to the mix. Some customers believe that contractors are trying to dilute the mix with a less-expensive additive. In reality, sealcoating manufacturers strongly recommend including sand in the mix, and one of the most important reasons is that sand makes sealed pavement safer.

Sealcoating, Safety, and Sand – The Reasons Why

The Safety Benefits of Sand

Sealcoating without sand can be extremely slippery. Slip-and-fall accidents endanger pedestrians, and skidding vehicles can damage other cars, landscaping and structures as well as pose a potential hazard to pedestrians. Furthermore, sand in the mix reduces glare caused by bright sunlight, making it easier for drivers to see obstacles. Property owners could be held liable for injuries or damages to vehicles should the individual decide to file a lawsuit.

Additional Benefits of Sand in the Mix

In addition to improving safety, sand helps fill in minor defects in the pavement’s surface to give the expanse a smoother, cleaner look. Perhaps more importantly, without sand, the sealcoating will deteriorate at a much faster rate. With the sealcoating compromised, the pavement itself is at greater risk of damage from automotive fluids, water penetration or UV rays.

Getting It Right

When mixing sealant, contractors must follow the specific recipe for the type of sealant. Sealcoating mix requires the addition of water, sand and any desired additives in specific percentages. If too much sand is used, the application may not be uniform or flow correctly. If too little sand is used, the mixture may be runny for a proper application, and it can also fail to provide any cosmetic benefit. The size of the sand grains is of critical importance as well. If they are too coarse, they will not be held sufficiently by the sealcoating after it has cured, and the sand grains can be knocked off by passing traffic. If the grains are too fine, they can prevent the mix from soaking up the correct amount of water or binder.

Alpha Paving Provides Exceptional Results

Alpha Paving is an asphalt and sealcoating contractor that has more than 35 years of experience in the asphalt industry,  has the expertise to provide our customers with exceptional results. We know the importance of sealcoating, safety, and sand. We offer an extensive range of services, including asphalt repairs, pavement markings, asphalt paving, parking lot signage and much more. Our crews serve customers throughout most of Central Texas with great results at competitive rates. If you would like to request a free quote, you can either submit our online form or call (512) 677-9001.

Sealcoating, Safety, and Sand, asphalt sealcoating

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