How to Avoid Asphalt Paving Lot Mistakes

How to Avoid Asphalt Paving Lot Mistakes, austin pavingAsphalt parking lots are attractive, economical, and fast to install and repair, and long-lasting if properly maintained. However, all asphalt pavements will need a certain amount of care to reach their full life expectancy. When planning their parking lot maintenance, property managers and owners need to avoid making mistakes that could lead to money being wasted on ineffective repairs.

How to Avoid Asphalt Paving Lot Mistakes

Why Is It Necessary to Repair Damage Before Resurfacing an Asphalt Pavement?

Asphalt resurfacing is the application of a new layer or layers of asphalt over the top of an existing pavement. An overlay can be an excellent way to obtain a new surface that will be similar in appearance and longevity to new pavement, but the expense and time will be less. However, no reputable asphalt paving company will advise customers that it is fine to apply an overlay without first repairing potholes, alligatored areas, or significant cracks. Any unrepaired damage beneath the underlay will quickly begin to show up on the new surface. Furthermore, some types of damage are the result of a compromised pavement foundation, and an unstable foundation can drastically reduce the life of the overlay. Therefore, it is essential to perform asphalt crack sealing, repair potholes, and alligator cracking, and ensure that the foundation is capable of providing the necessary stability and strength.

Is Asphalt Sealcoating a Repair Procedure for Pavement Cracks?

Sealcoating is an integral part of parking lot maintenance Austin TX contractors consider a preventive maintenance procedure. At most, asphalt sealcoating can cover a limited number of hairline cracks or tiny surface flaws. Sealcoating is not a substitute for asphalt crack sealing. Keep in mind that sealcoating is a liquid when contractors apply it. If there are cracks or potholes, the liquid sealcoating will simply disappear into the openings.

Is It Always Cheaper to Repair an Asphalt Pavement Than to Replace It?

It is important to differentiate between cheaper and cost-effective. It may seem cheaper to have a contractor make extensive repairs every six months for the rest of your pavement’s life, but that is not a cost-effective solution. Within just a few years, you could easily spend as much on repairs as it would cost you to reconstruct your parking lot, but you will not be able to avoid reconstruction forever. A paving contractor Austin property owners can trust will usually recommend reconstruction if the parking lot has significant damage over more than 25% of its surface, is close to 20 years old, or has extensive foundation damage.

What Is the Importance of Keeping to a Schedule for Asphalt Maintenance?

Once a reputable asphalt paving company provides you with an effective program for your preventive maintenance, it is crucial to follow the schedule he recommends. Your contractor will base his recommendations on your parking lot’s age, overall condition, and traffic type and volume. Therefore, your program may differ from your neighbor’s, but a paving contractor will design each plan to provide the best protection and longest life for each specific pavement. Deviating from the schedule could leave your pavement unprotected. For example, your contractor cannot apply sealcoating in every type of weather. If your schedule calls for sealcoating during the month of August, postponing the work until November could leave your pavement vulnerable until spring.

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