What Is the Best Way to Fix Potholes?

What Is the Best Way to Fix Potholes? pothole austin tx

What Is the Best Way to Fix Potholes? pothole austin tx Virtually all Austin paving contractors receive numerous requests for their pothole repair services every year. Even a single pothole can inflict damage on vehicles and cause pedestrians’ injuries, but it can also put the health of your entire pavement at risk. Water will collect inside the potholes, leak through the layers comprising your pavement, and erode the foundation. The foundation weakens and becomes too destabilized to support the pavement and its traffic. Additional pavement breaks occur, more water enters, and the cycle of damage continues. There are several ways to repair a pothole, but only your contractor can advise you on which method is appropriate for your situation.

What Is the Best Way to Fix Potholes?

Can a Paving Contractor Make a Permanent Repair to a Pothole?

 Experts consider one pothole repair method as a permanent parking lot repair. This repair method goes by several different names, including a full-depth patch and removal and replacement repair. The contractor will typically remove the damaged pavement area by cutting it out with a saw to expose the foundation. If necessary, repairs can be made to the foundation. Next, the contractor will install and compact multiple hot mix layers asphalt to replace what he removed. The repair should have a life equal to or even longer than the life of the surrounding pavement. 

What Is a Temporary Pothole Repair?

 Over the years, the asphalt industry has developed ways to make paving repairs during cold weather. One of these involves using cold-patch asphalt to fill a pothole. After cleaning the potholes, the contractor places cold-patch asphalt in the void and tamps it down. Although the process is fast, the repair will not last more than a few months. Once warm weather returns, you should contact your Austin paving contractor and ask him to replace the temporary fix.

Is There a Third Option for Repairing a Pothole?

 The third option has a much longer life than a cold patch, but it usually has a shorter life than a full-depth patch. Partial-depth patching is a type of pavement repair that uses hot mix asphalt. This method is often best when the damage does not extend too far into the pavement structure. Depending on the damaged area’s size, the contractor may mill or saw out the affected layers before installing and compacting new hot mix asphalt. Since this method does not expose the foundation, the contractor cannot inspect it thoroughly. If foundation damage is present, the life of the patch can be reduced.

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