Round Rock ISD | SunShield Project | Round Rock, TX

The Round Rock Independent School District can trace its beginnings to 1913. Despite consolidating several smaller districts in the 1940s, the student population did not exceed 1,000 until 1960. Today, the RRISD has more than 50,000 students attending school at 55 campuses. The school district is committed to developing well-rounded graduates who are properly prepared for success in their endeavors after high school. At Alpha Paving, we are happy to count the RRISD among our repeat customers.


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Escondido Golf Club | Asphalt Sealcoating | Central Texas

Ranked as one of the finest golf communities in Texas, Escondido lies on the shores of Lake Lyndon B. Johnson in Horseshoe Bay. Residents of this upscale community enjoy the scenic beauty of the Texas Hill Country, a highly ranked golf course, and numerous opportunities to enjoy the many amenities and events that the community offers or sponsors. The community has been one of Alpha Paving’s recurring customers for the last four years, and in 2019, the Escondido HOA asked us to help with their paving needs.


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La Frontera Village Reconstruction

Covering about 330 acres, La Frontera combines over a million square feet of retail space, office buildings offering hundreds of thousands of square feet of space, a major hotel, and three multifamily complexes. The retail center, La Frontera Village Reconstruction, was part of the first phase of development, so its parking lot dates to around 1998. This parking lot is in an area that is notorious for bad subgrade that consists of clay. Clay expands and frequently contracts, causing the pavement to settle, crack, and develop low spots in which water pooled. The condition of the parking lot was so bad that they had a tripping incident that resulted in an injury. Sansone Group, the property management firm representing La Frontera Village, contracted Carney Engineering to come up with the remediation plan and ECS Texas to handle the geological testing and design recommendations. Sansone Group contracted Alpha Paving and our subcontractor, Champion Site Prep, to complete this five-phase project to improve the parking lot.


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