How to Prevent Damage From Pooling Water

How to Prevent Damage From Pooling Water, asphalt services austinAs any reputable Austin paving company can attest, water is an extremely formidable enemy of asphalt pavement. Water has the potential to damage the pavement itself as well as the foundation that bears and distributes the weight of the pavement and the traffic it supports. Therefore, it is vital to eliminate any areas in your parking lot that allow water to pool.

How to Prevent Damage From Pooling Water

What Problems Will Pooling Water Cause or Exacerbate?

Some property owners accept puddles of water as a typical feature of all parking lots. However, you would have a difficult time finding a reputable, experienced paving contractor who would agree with that assessment. Contractors know that pooling water can contribute to, cause, or worsen the following issues.

1. Bleeding: Bleeding occurs when the binder in your pavement migrates upward. This creates a film on the surface that is unattractive, but the film can also reduce traction and increase the likelihood of hydroplaning.
2. Rutting: Ruts are grooves or depressions in pavement that follow the path of travel. These ruts can trap water within them, and they can affect a driver’s ability to steer or stop safely.
3. Raveling: Over time, standing water can result in the disintegration of the binder holding the aggregate in place. Raveling is the deterioration of the top layers of the pavement that lose the ability to retain the aggregate. This results in new pools, reduced skid resistance, loose debris on the surface, and a rougher surface that is also less attractive.
4. Foundation Destabilization: Water that penetrates beneath the surface of your asphalt pavement can erode its supporting foundation. The loss of support can result in potholes, alligator cracking, sinkholes, and low spots.

In addition to increasing your expenses for asphalt repairs, all of these problems can increase your liability risks. If someone walking or driving across your pavement suffers an injury or vehicle damage, you could find yourself named as a defendant in a lawsuit.

What Steps Are Important to Remediate Pools of Water in Asphalt Parking Lots?

A well-drained parking lot begins with the selection of the asphalt contractor you engage in building your new lot. Experienced contractors will evaluate the site to determine whether there are drainage issues that he must address. For example, he will determine how well the existing soil will drain and the level of support that it will provide. If the soil is inadequate, he may need to remove the existing soil to a specific depth and replace it. He will also determine whether it will be necessary to install a system for subterranean drainage. For existing parking lots, contractors typically recommend one or more of the following corrective actions.

1. Milling: Many asphalt contractors offer milling as one of their paving services. A milling machine can remove just a few millimeters of pavement or take it out to the foundation. Milling can often correct low spots, and it may also be possible to adjust the slope of the pavement by milling.
2. Address Drainage Issues: Correcting some drainage issues can be as simple as removing debris from grates and catch basins, so you might want to consider adding a thorough inspection and cleaning of these areas to your asphalt maintenance program. However, your contractor will also evaluate whether your parking lot has a sufficient number of drains that are in the proper locations. If appropriate, your contractor may recommend that you install curbs and gutters to facilitate runoff and direct the flow of water away from your parking lot.
3. Pavement Resurfacing: If your parking lot is severely damaged or has serious grading issues, your contractor may recommend the installation of an asphalt overlay. This procedure is much more economical than completely rebuilding the parking lot, but it is typically not the best option if there are serious foundation issues.

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