How to Keep Your Parking Lot Safe | Austin Property Management

How to Keep Your Parking Lot Safe | Austin Property Management

How to Keep Your Parking Lot Safe | Austin Property ManagementParking lots are indispensable for virtually all types of businesses. Without accessible parking, you could lose customers or tenants. However, it is not enough to merely provide a dedicated parking area. Your patrons expect and deserve an environment in which they and their vehicles will be safe. If you manage a commercial property, you might want to call a reputable parking lot maintenance contractor to help you make things safer for everyone who uses your lot.

How to Keep Your Parking Lot Safe | Austin Property Management

What Features Might a Paving Company Evaluate When Checking for Parking Lot Safety?

When you ask an Austin paving company for help with your parking lot safety, the representative will inspect all areas of your lot. He or she will look at your lighting and landscaping, inspect safety hazards, evaluate your traffic flow and signage, and check for security features.

How Do Lighting and Landscaping Affect Parking Lot Safety?

Without adequate lighting, a parking lot can be unsettling after dark. Shadows can conceal would-be criminals, and the darkness can hide potholes, debris, cracks, and other tripping hazards. Overgrown shrubbery can provide hiding places for criminals, but the lack of an open line of sight can disconcert or disorient people trying to find their vehicles. Regular inspections to identify and replace bulbs should be one of your priorities. If numerous lights are not functioning, your visitors may not feel safe, and criminals could use the darkness to turn your patrons’ trepidations into reality. Keep shrubs neatly trimmed and short enough that no one can use them as hiding places.

What Are Parking Lot Safety Hazards?

Safety hazards include faded parking lot stripes and markings, broken signs, potholes, and other tripping hazards, piles of debris, broken glass, and pools of water remaining on the pavement after a storm has passed. You can eliminate many safety hazards by being proactive about your parking lot repair and maintenance. Asphalt crack sealing, pothole repair, and sealcoating can help make your parking lot safer. Regular cleanings can remove trash and broken glass. If you have an asphalt parking lot, your contractor may correct low spots and other drainage issues with precision milling.

How Do Traffic Flow and Signage Affect Parking Lot Safety?

A good flow pattern will direct the traffic efficiently and safely throughout your parking lot. A bad flow pattern will likely confuse drivers and increase the risk of accidents. Pavement markings should be highly visible and easily understood. Pavement markings can include directional arrows, pedestrian crosswalks, and no-parking areas, and supplemental signs can help emphasize the markings. Stop or yield signs at intersecting traffic aisles, before crosswalks, and at the lot’s exits can help prevent accidents.

What Are Some Parking Lot Security Features?

In addition to basic safety features, you might want to consider additional security measures to make your parking lot safer and inviting. Monitored surveillance cameras, panic buttons and emergency phones, and regular guard patrols are just some ways to boost your parking lot security.

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