What Property Management Owners Should Know About Permeable Pavement

What Property Management Owners should know about Permeable Pavement for property management owners, alpha paving, asphalt paving contractor in austin tx

Property Managers and Owners Should Know About Permeable Pavement . asphalt paving austin, alpha paving, asphalt paving contractorsWhether you manage multiple commercial properties, are responsible for the new road construction in your town, or own the property housing your business, choosing the right paving material can be a crucial decision. If you select the wrong material, your pavement could experience issues that are detrimental to your business. You might not achieve the type of return on your investment that you expected. Many people believe that all asphalt pavement is the same, but there are various types of asphalt mix that your paving contractor could use. One style of pavement that has become increasingly popular in recent years is permeable asphalt pavement.

What Property Management Owners Should Know About Permeable Pavement

What Is Permeable Asphalt Pavement?

You may hear Austin paving contractors speak of permeable asphalt or pervious asphalt. These are just two of the names that refer to the same type of asphalt paving. The primary difference between permeable pavement and traditional hot asphalt mix is that permeable pavement does not include the fine aggregates that contractors typically include in a traditional asphalt mix. This allows water to seep through the pavement into the underlying soil.

What Are the Benefits of Permeable Asphalt?

Like other types of asphalt pavement, permeable asphalt is economical and attractive. Whether you choose permeable asphalt for a parking lot, road, fire lane, highway shoulder, or sidewalk, you can expect three important benefits.

1. Permeable asphalt is extremely durable. Permeable pavements show significantly less crumbling, cracking, breaking, and splitting than traditional mixes. Naturally, the pavement’s longevity depends on proper installation and timely maintenance.
2. Permeable asphalt reduces runoff as well as surface pooling. With proper installation, you could reduce your annual runoff by as much as 80%. You may not need to construct and maintain a large storage basin or stormwater facilities.
3. Permeable asphalt is even more eco-friendly than traditional paving asphalt. The reduced runoff is just one of the environmental benefits. Permeable asphalt does not use as much energy to produce, significantly reducing odor, smoke, and emissions. Furthermore, permeable asphalt is completely recyclable; asphalt plants reuse approximately 95 million tons of recycled asphalt pavement annually.

Does Permeable Asphalt Meet the ADA Requirements?

Among other things, the Americans with Disabilities Act contains the federal regulations for accessibility. Although permeable asphalt is slightly coarser than traditional asphalt, it still meets all of the ADA requirements.

Does Permeable Asphalt Require Special Maintenance?

Permeable asphalt needs an occasional vacuuming or sweeping to ensure that the pores in the pavement do not become clogged. However, most people find that the reduced need for crack repairs and similar services more than offsets a periodic cleaning.

Why Should I Have Alpha Paving Install My Permeable Asphalt Pavement?

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